Thursday, August 28, 2014

Grammar error..or not?

Grammarly ran this picture of a sign thinking there might be missing punctuation:

Personally, I am not so sure with the amount of people who are "accidentally", or even intentionally shot in places with "get away with murder" laws that this might be a grammatical error.  People are accidentally shot while hiking on trails:  the Appalachian Trail even gives a warning to hikers to wear orange in hunting season to try to avoid hikers being shot.

Take  this sign:

It might not be too far off to suggest the first sign WASN'T a grammatical error when people walk around armed in inappropriate situations.  Additionally, shootings are given a slap on the wrist, if even punished.

As the song goes:  "Yanks with guns, say shooting people, is such fun".


  1. LOL you moron. All shooting ranges are marked like this so people don't climb over the berm and get shot. You need to get out more.

    1. Not all. Some of them don't even have any berm at all. Maybe you should get out more.

    2. This is untrue. All shooting ranges abutting public land have backstops/berms. You don't even live in the US, so how *would* you know?

    3. Oh, all of a sudden we're talking about only those "abutting public lands?" Even among those do you really believe that not a single one deviates from the best practices? Not a single one in rural Montana, say, that "abuts on public lands" has improper safety features?

    4. Obviously there would only be a sign if it were public land. How can you be so obtuse? Maybe there's an exception in Montana, and maybe there's a teapot orbiting Jupiter. Retard.

    5. AN exception in Montana? C'mon,man, be honest. There are exceptions all over the place. Stray bullets hitting nearby houses or people are a problem in every state.

  2. This looks like a job for the grammar guerrillas....

    "Some people may think that grammar doesn't matter anymore, but there is clearly a quiet army out there of those who disagree.
    In the wake of a council's decision to remove apostrophes from street signs, an anonymous guerrilla grammarian is going around using a marker pen to correct the punctuation.
    Signs with missing punctuation, such as that at Scholars Walk, have seen the correct apostrophe inserted overnight."

  3. Yep, street signs don't usually have punctuation. The classic being "Slow Children".