Wednesday, August 27, 2014

Unconfirmed audio of ten shots fired in the Michael Brown shooting, with an unconfirmed 12 brass found

From CNN:

Attorney: New audio reveals pause in gunfire when Michael Brown was shot

(CNN) -- Could a newly released audio provide more clues on what led up to Michael Brown's shooting death?
The FBI has questioned a man who says he recorded audio of gunfire at the time Brown was shot by Ferguson, Missouri, police on August 9, the man's attorney told CNN.

In the recording, a quick series of shots can be heard, followed by a pause and then another quick succession of shots.

Forensic audio expert Paul Ginsberg analyzed the recording and said he detected at least 10 gunshots -- a cluster of six, followed by four.

New audio of Michael Brown shooting?

"I was very concerned about that pause ... because it's not just the number of gunshots, it's how they're fired," the man's attorney, Lopa Blumenthal, told CNN's Don Lemon. "And that has a huge relevance on how this case might finally end up." What could audio of shooting reveal? The funeral of Michael Brown The funeral of Michael Brown

The man, who asked that his identity not be revealed, lives near the site of the shooting and was close enough to have heard the gunshots, his attorney said.

He was speaking to a friend on a video chat service and happened to be recording the conversation at the same time Brown was shot, Blumenthal said.

A further complication to understanding the audio, which appears to record 10 shots is that unconfirmed reports indicate there were 12, not 10, bullet casings found at the scene. This does make it appear that the cop, Darren Wilson, who previous to his hire at Ferguson worked at a police department that had such bad race relations with the community that it was DISSOLVED, emptied his weapon into Michael Brown.


  1. I can draw and fire 12 aimed shots in 3 seconds. Not a big deal.

    1. I have no doubt it is a regular masturbatory fantasy of yours.

      You miss the point. This appears to support the pro-Michael Brown witnesses.

    2. Check your privilege, white lady.

    3. I don't think it supports the witnesses who said he was shot while kneeling with his hands up. Or the ones who said he was walking away.

      It's hard to imagine how six shots failed to stop the threat. I think that racist trigger-happy cop is going down. The problem will then be that sentencing him to prison would be tantamount to a death sentence. That wouldn't be right.

    4. It's hard to imagine because you live in a fantasy world where a bullet magically kills someone instantly. We're talking about a 280 lb thug who was assaulting a cop.

    5. Mike, the coroner report shows that five of the bullet wounds were not life threatening. Only one of the 10 bullets fired was lethal.

    6. Yeah, and we're talking about SIX rounds.

    7. Ask Suge what six rounds of pistol ammo does. Again, this ain't the movies son.

  2. "By the available accounts, Wilson’s time in Jennings was unremarkable. Former Jennings police chief Robert Orr told the Times that he barely remembered Wilson, noting ” that must mean he never got in any trouble, because that’s when they usually came to me.” The man who oversaw the Jennings force transition to county control, Lt. Jeff Fuesting, gave a similar account to The Post: “My impression is he didn’t go above and beyond, and he didn’t get in any trouble.”

    And apparently there is no record of him being involved in any of the excesses that took place in Jennings that resulted in the department being disbanded. Usually by now, there are a lot of details released in these events. While not releasing the information to the public might be the proper procedure, it also allows people to make stuff up. A lot like the person who claimed to be a direct eye witness and reported Brown being shot as he was running away and then the autopsy shows that there were no wounds to his back.

    "Mr. Johnson said that he hid behind a parked car and that Mr. Brown was struck by a bullet in his back as he ran away, an account that Dr. Baden’s autopsy appears to contradict."

    1. It's common that eyewitness accounts are unreliable. You infer that because one account is wrong, that means the cop did nothing wrong. Wrong.

    2. And yet apparently when the new Jennings PD was formed, and Darren Wilson reapplied, he was rejected, which is inconsistent with him not having a problem (and a few other cops from the old force WERE hired).

      And no. The Baden autopsy, as explained by Baden, confirms that one, possibly 2 of the shots could have come from behind as Brown ran away. Those were the grazing shots to the lower arm and hand. The position for that to occur was demonstrated for those present by Baden's assistant in numerous interviews and press conferences. The Times is wrong.

    3. "The image of a person standing upright with his hands in the air when he was shot does not appear compatible with the wounds documented on that diagram. Whether a forward-leaning position is a posture of attack or of surrender, however, is a matter of perspective.
      From the perspective of a witness, it could appear that the leaning person is complying with the officer and getting down. From the perspective of the officer, he may appear to be coming at him. Partial evidence yields partial answers, and a rush to conclusions based on one isolated set of data from a second autopsy only raises more questions.
      That is why it is so important to be patient and wait for all the scene information to come to light."

      Nuff said

    4. lower arm and hand, grazing shots, yes they could have come from behind but they could have also just as easily been taken while brown was facing the officer. if brown was going for the officers weapon for example while grappling a twist of an arm could easily put a shot in a location that would be considered the back of the arm if viewed while a person was standing. Im not saying that i am 100% certain that this is what occurred but it is a very realistic possibility. And having been not rehired can be due to a million different things, such as seniority, education, experience. Not that he was a racist bad cop like you are implying.and the pause in the audio could have easily been a judgement pause or a stop to see if the non lethal shots had been enough. The simple reality is that we dont have enough information to as yet know exactly what happened. And for the record, i dont care what color either of them are.

    5. "From the perspective of a witness, it could appear that the leaning person is complying with the officer and getting down. From the perspective of the officer, he may appear to be coming at him"

      That's a stretch. Unless the cop is a trigger-happy maniac who hates those he perceives as thugs, I don't think compliance can be mistaken for aggression.

  3. What is a bullet casing? Do you mean a case? Not surprising those who want to ban guns and ammunition are the ones who know nothing about them.

    1. I'm using the wording that was used in the news report.

    2. So you don't know anything about guns, yet you want to ban them. Sounds legit.

    3. Case or casing, magazine or clip, only a petty, whining gun lunatic would make a bid deal about those perfectly exchangeable words. Learn English.

    4. One word means something used to wrap sausages. The other word is a component of small arms ammunition. Interchangeable, huh?

    5. Google search for "bullet case." As I said, perfectly interchangeable.
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    6. case vs casing -- a bit of a silly semantic to argue over

      clip vs magazine -- two words that properly apply to two different pieces of shooting gear with different uses--legitimate difference

  4. "This does make it appear that the cop, Darren Wilson, who previous to his hire at Ferguson worked at a police department that had such bad race relations with the community that it was DISSOLVED, emptied his weapon into Michael Brown."

    wow nothing leading or biased in that sentence. I assume there is tons of evidence that Officer Wilson was cited for racial bias several times at his previous or current department.

    1. Not surprising from the MikeB302000 affirmative action hire.

    2. The evidence so far supports that as a preliminary conclusion.

    3. Yet you bury your head in the sand vis a vis Obama being Pakistani Muslim. Very selective.

    4. You are the only one I've ever heard claim that Obama is Pakistani, and I read and watch all the right wing media sources. What is wrong with you?

    5. What is an unconfirmed12 brass? Does dog gone not understand collective nouns? Is she even college educated

    6. It's easy to see you cannot accept facts, like Obama's birth certificate and numerous Hawaii State officials swearing to its authenticity. Obvious any other so called facts you cite are certainly wrong. The uneducated one is you.

    7. You said Pakistan!!!???? Again I ask, what is wrong with you?

  5. "With an unconfirmed 12 brass found?" That did not flow from the mind of an educated person.

  6. Brown was hit multiple times. That's a sign the shooter was trying to kill, not apprehend. That's not a cops job and with multiple cases around the country seems killing is the priority, not arresting.

    1. "Brown was hit multiple times. That's a sign the shooter was trying to kill, not apprehend. "

      We don't know all of the facts yet, but at some point police encounters move from simple apprehension to defense of themselves or others. Handguns don't necessarily stop a person in one shot. You shoot to stop.
      If you look at the diagram showing the bullet wounds, half of them are in one arm. As the medical examiner said in regards to the autopsy he performed for the family, there is a lot of evidence that he doesn't have, and he can neither provide vindication or blame.

    2. An unarmed man with multiple shots in his body on the ground, or at least his knees, that's not enough to apprehend? He also said the head shots were downward shots meaning the earlier shots bought Brown to the ground.

    3. As I said earlier Anon, even the medical examiner hired by the family says he doesn't have enough information to say what happened. Eventually, all of the information will come out. Those that burned and looted can surely feel proud of their actions.

    4. Having a meaningful discussion about a story with so many "unconfirmeds" in it isn't going to be very productive

    5. He said the head shots were downward shots. That's clear enough. He said he had enough information to know that, but you want to claim otherwise. I'll believe him.

    6. Then why do you go insisting you know what happened?

  7. The information on the physical evidence is beginning to be released.

    "Forensic evidence may corroborate accounts by police in Ferguson, Missouri, that teenager Michael Brown was involved in a scuffle with an officer before he was shot and killed, according to a law enforcement official with knowledge of the investigation.
    The evidence examined as part of a federal probe shows that the 18-year-old’s blood was on an inside panel of the police car and on the officer’s gun, which was fired twice inside the vehicle, said the official, who asked not to be identified without authorization to speak publicly. The information, first reported by the New York Times last night on its website, came from forensics tests performed by the Federal Bureau of Investigation."