Tuesday, August 26, 2014

Why you might want to consider using Ubuntu

I know you people love monopoly, robber baron capitalism. Deep down, you probably love Bill Gates for taking something which should have been in the public domain (Xerox PARC invented windows, but refused to patent it) and is now charging you an arm and a leg for the privilege of using it.

If you are a real sucker (and given you actually believe the Second Amendment has nothing to do with a "well-regulated militia" despite its being "necessary to the security of the free state")--you probably are and you may even have bought his shitty "Office" software.

I give you this:

Bill Gates, wife donate $1M to gun initiative

The dude has more money than god and he only gives $1M.

Anyway, when you buy something which the European Union has whacked with competition fines for manipulating the marketplace and think is really good, you are helping fund gun control!

Get something that is free instead:  http://www.ubuntu.com/download

Of course, given the name and it sounds like something Barack Obama would use (the French Gendarmerie Nationale do as well), you will happily go along supporting a robber baron who has no interest in your needs or concern.

I should also add that Ubuntu is "open sourced", which means that it was designed as a collective effort (collectivism/socialism/communism).

So, your choice is monopoly, robber baron, capitalism which supports gun control or Collectivist which may or may not support gun control (but, most civilised  and intelligent people see a need for regulating firearm ownership).

But, you've been doing that anyway by being a sucker and voting for candidates who oppose "gun control".

I love seeing your brains explode.


  1. a 1%er seeing to it the 99% are disarmed...

    1. I don't think this post is about disarming anyone.

    2. No? Can't read either Mike? And since when did capitalism support gun control? Looks like more leftist lies again.

    3. Most morons with guns are too stupid to know where the bathroom is. Bill is not a capitalist. He is a smart man, smarter than some ammosexual sitting in Mom's basement holding his gun and blogging.

    4. Supporting gun control with a donation is not normally about disarming people. It's about background checks mainly. I, on the other hand am all for disarming people. About half of you gun owners need to be disarmed.

    5. Certainly the anger coming out of this anon. on a regular basis shows he should not own a gun.

    6. bill gates is not a capitalist?

      you're definitely qualified to call others stupid