Thursday, August 28, 2014

Georgia Says Ex-Cop Convicted of Sexually Assaulting a Woman With His Gun Gets to Own a Gun


What does someone have to do in order to lose gun rights in Georgia? Apparently, sexually assaulting a woman at gunpoint—even threatening to anally penetrate her with the gun—is not enough. Ian Millhiser at ThinkProgress reports on the shocking case of Dennis Krauss, a now former police officer who was convicted of sexually assaulting a woman in 1999 who had called 911 to complain that her husband was beating her. According to the appeals court decision that upheld Krauss' conviction, instead of helping the woman, Krauss threatened to take her to jail if she didn't have sex with him. 

Krauss checked them into a motel room while the woman sat terrified, thinking she was under arrest, in the car. "I had to, I was afraid to leave, he, you know, he is a police officer;  you don't just leave," the victim explained. Once he had her in the motel room, according to the 2003 appeals court decision, "Krauss took his gun from his gun belt and told the victim he wanted to have anal sex with her with the gun." Then he pushed her, pulled off her pants, and raped her. 

Despite Krauss' sexual assault conviction, the Georgia State Board of Pardons and Paroles restored his right to carry a firearm in July 2013. This is coming to light now because the Atlanta Journal-Constitution has published an exposé of the Georgia courts' tendency to restore gun privileges to convicted felons. The Journal-Constitution counted 358 violent felons who were able to regain gun rights in a six-year period, 32 who killed someone and 44 who were convicted of sex crimes.


  1. Yet Mike, you keep lauding the point that only cops are specially trained to handle weapons properly and only they, the cops, should have them. To me it sounds as tho this woman should have had her own gun and shot the cop for his deeds. Don't you agree??

    Are you going to bring up the point about "todays society'? Or we live in a more civilized society or some such crap as that?

    Innocent people are still potential victims. Potential victims still need to tools for defense of themselves, as evidenced in this post. Bad people lived in yesterdays society just as they live today. Uncivilized people lived in yesterdays civilized days just as we have uncivilized people today. Years have come and gone, toys, tools and tech has advanced greatly, but that does not make society or civility any better or greater than days gone by.

    1. What blog have you been reading? Not mine, apparently. I never said only cops should have guns. And I never said ALL cops are safe and responsible with their guns.

    2. You have alluded to this position more than one Mike. The latest example was the one where you and another anon tried to raise the bar of the police to being something besides a civilian. The cops being more trained and other tripe as that. That is your blog Mike, that's where I read it.

    3. Well, keep reading, my friend. Start with The Famous 50%.

      After you read that post, which I've reposted several times and referred to more times than I can count, then tell me how this nonsense of yours could be true: "only they, the cops, should have them"

    4. Not my nonsense, yours. You and your company have repeated it numerous times.