Thursday, August 7, 2014

Florida Judge: Schools Can Ban Guns from Dormatories

The Tampa Tribune

Universities are justified in banning guns in residence halls, a judge has ruled in a case that challenged the University of Florida's policy.

The gun-rights group Florida Carry Inc., which has filed suit against several universities and municipalities, argued in a suit filed in January that the state law making it legal to possess a firearm at home trumped another that bans weapons on school property.

But Alachua County Circuit Judge Toby Monaco entered a summary judgment on Wednesday stating that UF and President Bernie Machen were not violating Florida law by recognizing the Legislature's prohibition against guns in housing on university property.

Florida Carry last year won a decision by the 1st District Court of Appeal asserting that the Legislature has sole jurisdiction for gun policy, and universities could not ban weapons stored in vehicles.

“Unlike the right to have a firearm in a vehicle, the Legislature's recognition of a person's right to possess a firearm in a home does not extend to a residence hall on a university campus,” Monaco said in this week's order. “There is no exception in (state law) for a residence hall like there is for a vehicle.”

The university released a statement saying it was pleased with the ruling.

“The University of Florida fully complies with Florida law that allows individuals 18 years or older to store their guns securely in vehicles while on campus, as determined by a 1st DCA decision last year, and the university will continue to do so,” the statement said. “Florida law otherwise bans guns on university, college and K-12 campuses and at their events, with limited exceptions such as for law enforcement.”


  1. People with guns are fucking dicks. I would have worked in the restaurant industry the best part of my life until I dropped dead rather than attend college or university with dumb chingaderos who had to have their guns on campus.


    Death is not the answer.

  2. Schools can ban guns from dorms... and rapists have never heard better news.

    1. That's ridiculous. Female students aren't targeted for rape in their dormitories. Certainly not by anybody that the girl would be willing to shoot. There have been patterns of rapes in residential communities where women are targeted in their own homes. We're talking about apartment buildings or houses with screen doors, unlocked access, etc. This has not happened in a close-knit community like a dorm to my knowledge. Besides which, if a girl chooses to keep a gun on or around her person, she is not going to become the victim of a some kind of dormitory raid by the RA or the Dean or something. Keep it on the QT and nobody will ever know. The point of not allowing guns in dorms is so that dickheads don't play around with their weapons while they are getting high with their buddies.

      Female victims of lone wolves on college campuses are singled out in lonely areas of the campus when they are all alone.

      A much larger problem on our campuses is this. More often they are victims of date rape, party rape or sexual assault from male students that they may have an acquaintance with.

      Did you even attend college? What a fucking idiot!