Saturday, March 14, 2015

17-Year-old Suspect Arrested in Fatal Shooting of Iraqi Man Enjoying First Snowfall

Nykerion Nealon

The New York Daily News

A Texas teen has been arrested for fatally shooting an Iraqi refugee watching his first-ever snowfall, police said.

Nykerion Nealon, 17, was arrested early Friday after gunning down Ahmed al-Jumaili outside his Dallas apartment complex March 4, Maj. Jeff Cotner told reporters alongside the victim's father-in-law Friday.

Al-Jumaili was shot in front of his wife and brother, three weeks after fleeing Iraq to be in a safer place and reunite with his wife, who had moved to America a year earlier.

Nealon, who went by the nickname Kaca, did not know al-Jumaili and shot him while seeking revenge, Cotner said. Someone reportedly shot at his girlfriend's apartment in a neighboring complex, making Nealon round up three buddies to look for the suspect, a witness told police. They went to Nealon's apartment to get his assault rifle and then headed to Al-Jumaili's apartment complex.

The thug saw al-Jumaili taking pictures of the snow and raised his rifle, one of his friends told police. The friend took cover under bushes and heard shots ring out, he said.

Al-Jumaili ran back to his apartment as Nealon followed him with his eyes, continually aiming his rifle and firing at him, Cotner said. Al-Jumaili was shot in the chest.

The Iraqi collapsed in the breezeway of his apartment building. He died in the hospital the next day.

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  1. "On March 10, a witness provided Richardson Police with Nealon’s nickname — “Kaca” — as a possible suspect.
    Nealon initially denied leaving his apartment following the shooting at his girlfriend’s apartment. A search later found rifle cartridges that matched those at the scene.
    Nealon and a witness later gave conflicting statements.
    “The witness stated he observed Nealon raise the rifle and he took cover behind some mailboxes. The witness then heard one shot, followed by several more,” said Dallas Police Maj. Jeff Cotner.
    Nealon blamed the witness for the shooting.
    The men then fled the scene and returned to Nealon’s girlfriend’s apartment, where he reported the earlier shooting targeting his location."

    Sounds like it was an AK pattern rifle. Here is a link that will let you read the arrest warrant,