Sunday, March 8, 2015

Record Turnout for Morphy’s Firearms Auction Yields $1.2 Million Result

Morphy Auction Lot 326 
Remington Model 40 sniper rifle of the type used by the US Marine Corps in Vietnam, in original, unmodified condition, $26,400.Morphy Auction Lot 317 
Winchester .44 caliber Model 1873 manufactured in 1892, $8,400.

Morphy Auction Lot 900
Johnson Model 1941 US.30-.06 caliber semi-automatic rifle with rare bayonet and ‘frog,’ $7,800.

Morphy Auction Lot 275Never-fired Model 1877 ‘Lightning,’ also known as a ‘Shop Keeper’ or ‘Sheriff’s Model,’ $8,400.


  1. So how exactly is this any different than any other auction of other collectable items?

    Bonhams kicked off the weekend with a one-day sale on Thursday, this year grossing a remarkable $4.5 million from 250 bikes. That’s chicken feed in the car world, but profit is the byword, and Bonhams seems to have it sorted, grossing nearly as much in that day as rival Mecum does in three. Their overall results were disproportionately stronger, with a 1-of-15 Vincent White Shadow fetching more than $200,000 (a Brough SS100 also broke $200K but the buyer later backed out). Another seven tipped the century mark, mostly Vincents and Broughs too, but an ex-Steve McQueen 1912 Harley twin in sorta horrific condition hit $117k…it’s good to be the (Mc)Queen. An ex-Dick Mann Matchless G50 road racer made a world record $115k—one of four record prices reached at Bonhams.

    1. Well, I guess it would be similar to auctions of giullitines or electric chairs.

    2. Not so similar to auctions of paintings or baseball cards.

    3. WOW, comparing guns to bikes and cars?

    4. Well, I am into bikes too.....

    5. So am I , but I wouldn't compare my bike to a gun.

    6. Its just a testament to the wide range of interests and likes in this world. Most just take it in and regard it as a good thing. some work to find fault that some like and they don't and try to suggest their like is a bad thing.
      Each item, a bike, or a gun has their uses. And neither of mine bother anyone, singly or together.

    7. "So am I , but I wouldn't compare my bike to a gun."

      Ssgmarkcr was talking about the collection aspect. So what that motorcycle riding is way more dangerous than shooting sports.

  2. I hope the buyer of that 1877 Lightning isn't from New Jersey where the police will want to take that gun's virginity conducting ballistics testing.