Friday, March 13, 2015

West Virginia Constitutional Carry Goes to the Governor for Signature

Local news reports

West Virginia would join a handful of states not requiring concealed-handgun permits under a bill that appears headed for Gov. Earl Ray Tomblin's desk.

The Republican-run House of Delegates voted 71-29 Thursday to drop concealed-carry permit requirements, with some crossover from both parties. Alaska, Arkansas, Arizona, Vermont and Wyoming have similar laws.

Senators approved a slightly different version of the bill late last month.

Open carry, such as in a holster on a hip, is legal without a permit in West Virginia. Thirty-one states have some variety of open-carry rules.

Covering up handguns out of plain sight -- such as with a coat -- requires a permit now.

The House version requires people who carry concealed handguns to be 21 years old, with exceptions for people older than 18 who serve in the military.

Proponents said the bill is about 2nd Amendment rights.

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