Saturday, March 14, 2015

Michigan Gun Advocates Test Rules for Openly Carrying in Schools

USA Today

One video shows Nixon taking several steps up a school driveway. Police surround him and repeatedly tell him that he must leave.

He and a police supervisor argue about why one officer has his hand on his gun.
"You guys kill people across America every single week," Nixon said and asks why police are blocking his way.

Supervisor: "We've been advised by school administrators that they don't want you on school property, OK? You cannot open carry on school property."

Nixon: "Actually, you can open carry on school property, with a CPL," a Michigan concealed pistol license.

Supervisor: "Not if the school administrators tell you not to."

The back and forth continues.

Nixon: "My issue is I've got one, two, three, four armed men following me." He calls them an expletive.

Supervisor: "Well, then don't come here."

Then at a concert in Ann Arbor Pioneer High School, "things got very heated" when word spread that an activist, the older brother of a youth who was performing, was wearing a handgun, schools spokeswoman Liz Margolis said.

During a packed meeting Wednesday, Ann Arbor school board members passed a resolution urging state lawmakers to prohibit openly carrying a firearm on public school property. Three state legislators and about 40 people wearing guns in holsters were in attendance, she said.

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