Monday, July 19, 2010

Fresno Police Shoot Unarmed Man

Mercury News reports:

Fresno police say they shot and wounded an apparently unarmed man who claimed he had a gun.

Police Chief Jerry Dyer says the man told police three times he was carrying "a piece," meaning a gun.

Dyer says an officer shot the man twice because he believed the man was reaching for a weapon.

When is it permissable to shoot someone? Do you think the cops acted too quickly in this case?

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  1. Let's assume for a moment that he did have a gun. When should they have shot him? After he starts shooting? After he pulls a weapon? Or after he reaches for a weapon?

    It's not smart to let someone shoot at you, so that's right out. It takes only a second to a second and a half to draw a pistol and shoot, so by the time you recognise he has a gun the odds are you're already in the first senario. So what's left?

  2. Yes, Kev, it's a real dilemma. That's why most of you are not qualified to deal with it.

  3. Being someone who is qualified to make that choice doesn't change the fact that in this case he wasn't carrying any kind of weapon and was shot down for no reason, to top it off the charges they said to have been arresting him for didn't even stick so now what was the reason for this uncalled for act. I take this situation personal and will seek further investivgation till fresno police know they will not be able to cover up there wrong doings anymore.

  4. Thanks for the confirmation royaltybaybee.

    Those Fresno cops are as bad as the Oakland ones.