Saturday, September 12, 2015

Minnesota Man Kills Family and Self

Brian Scott Short, the 45-year-old homeowner, grabbed a shotgun and headed to the bedrooms of his 17-year-old son, Cole, and his 15- and 14-year-old daughters, Madison and Brooklyn.

He walked into the first bedroom, aimed the gun at the sleeping child and pulled the trigger, sources with direct knowledge of the investigation told the Star Tribune Friday.

Short then did the same to his other two children.

Startled by the noise, Short’s 48-year-old wife, Karen, grabbed a cellphone to call 911. But Brian tracked her down in another bedroom and shot her dead. She, like the children, was shot in the head.

Short then went into the home’s attached garage and turned the shotgun on himself.

Friday, September 11, 2015

The Oath Keepers Make Fools of Themselves Once Again

Huffington Post

Kentucky clerk Kim Davis will return to work next week after having been jailed for contempt of court, and one anti-government group wants to make sure she never winds up behind bars again.

The Oath Keepers, described by the Southern Poverty Law Center, a civil rights organization, as a “fiercely anti-government, militaristic group,” say they have their sights set on defending the Rowan County clerk, who has refused to issue marriage licenses to same-sex couples.

In a phone call with Jackson County Kentucky Sheriff Denny Peyman, Oath Keepers founder Stewart Rhodes said members of his group had reached out to Davis's legal team and were already forming an on-the-ground presence in Kentucky's Rowan County, but remained tight-lipped on specifics, Right Wing Watch reports. Rhodes said his group's action had nothing to do with same-sex marriage, but instead was focused on his belief that Davis had been illegally detained after being found in contempt of court by not issuing marriage licenses. 

"As far as we’re concerned, this is not over,” he said in the audio clip above. “This judge needs to be put on notice that his behavior is not going to be accepted, and we’ll be there to stop it and intercede ourselves if we have to." 

Rhodes went on to compare Davis's plight to that of the Founding Fathers, in that it deals "with the magistrates and the officers of the crown who wanted to run roughshod over the rights of the colonists without a jury indictment, without any of that."

Now, this is embarrassing.  Some of our most passionate commenters who've supported the well-deserved opprobrium  which covered Kim Kavis in this case are now at odds with the Oath Keepers.

And for a good belly laugh, the Oath Keepers said this has nothing to do with gay marriage.

Thursday, September 10, 2015

Raul Rodriguez, Dangerous Concealed Carry Permit Holder, Gets a New Trial

Legal Insurrection

To summarize: beginning in the early evening hours of May 1, 2010, retired fire fighter Raul Rodriguez grew increasingly angry with a loud party being held down the street by eventual victim Kelly Danaher, who was throwing a birthday party for his wife.

By the early morning hours of May 2, 2010, Rodriguez decided to strap on his pistol (which he was licensed to carry concealed), at least one spare magazine, and bring a flashlight and a means to video record to stand across the street from the party.  He then proceeded to simultaneously call 911, shine the flashlight repeatedly at the party, and record events.  Eventually he attracted the attention of the party goers, who came over to speak with him, and events proceeded rapidly downhill from there, culminating in Rodriguez shooting and killing Danaher.

From my perspective perhaps the most striking part of this encounter is how badly astray Rodriguez is led by his remarkably defective understanding of self-defense law.  His self-recording of his repetitive announcements of “I am in fear for my life” and “I’m standing my ground” suggests he feels the mere words alone bestow some magical legal protection or authority at best, or that he was attempting to fabricate a faux self-defense claim at worst.

Oregon Man Charged for Trying to Kill Newspaper Carriers

Shad Gary Dunbar, Sept. 8, 2015 (Jackson County Sheriff's Office)
Shad Gary Dunbar

Local news reports

Authorities say a man has been arrested after allegedly chasing down two people who were delivering newspapers in Rogue River and shooting at them.

The Mail Tribune reports 34-year-old Shad Gary Dunbar is being held on attempted murder and other charges for allegedly firing at newspaper carriers, Linda Parker and Roger Price, Saturday.

Parker says they had just delivered a newspaper and drove off when they heard gunshots. Dunbar, who lived nearby, had allegedly got into his father’s car and started firing and chasing the victims.

Mass Shootings - I Thought There Were More Than That

Wednesday, September 9, 2015

‘Gunlickers': Painting series on the fetishization of guns

Artist Kate Kertz has been working on an ongoing series on the “fetishization of guns” in the United States. She has released two of the six in the series entitled “Gunlickers.”

Gunlicker IIGunlicker I

Tuesday, September 8, 2015

Man Shoots Himself In The Head While Bragging About Gun Safety Feature On His Gun

Freak Out Nation

 A Phoenix man bragged about the double-safety mechanism on his gun, then to demonstrate how effective the feature is, he aimed the firearm at his head then shot himself in the temple.

23-year-old Christen Reece was out drinking and after he bars closed at around 3 or 3:00 in the morning, he had a bright idea which he presented to his six friends: “Let’s go to the high country and shoot guns,” he said.

“You know, there’s not really a lot to the story other than don’t drink and shoot guns,” explains Jim Molesa, chief deputy of the Navajo County Sheriff’s Office, which is conducting the official investigation, according to the Phoenix New Times.

The friends ended up on the side of the road near a wooded area to do a little target shooting.
Reece told his friends of the feature on his gun which had a double-safety making it impossible to ever go off unexpectedly, so he decided to demonstrate this for his buddies.

“He held the gun up to head, a little behind the temple area, and fired,” Molesa said of the Sept 2nd incident. “He immediately dropped to the ground, and his acquaintances started freaking out, not sure what to do.”

Reece’s friends panicked. There was no hospital nearby, so they took his unconscious and bloody body to the fire station, where paramedics were on duty.

The Unintentionally Entertaining Mr. Noir

Monday, September 7, 2015