Saturday, December 11, 2010

Guns in Ohio Bars

You couldn't very well expect a fair answer from gun owners who want to expand their rights at any cost, but from bar people you can.

Bill Jamison, owner of Froggy Blues Cafe in Monroe, said he believes in a person’s right to carry a firearm — just not inside establishments like his.

Jamison said he opposes a bill in the Ohio House that would allow concealed guns inside bars and restaurants.
Simply put, he said, alcohol and guns “don’t go well together.”

“It would be a nightmare for us,” Jamison said referring to his business. “What happens when it’s (the gun) pulled?

“I’d lose all my business. All the people who come here, they won’t come to the bar ever again ... and I wouldn’t blame them.”

Elizabeth Allen has been a bartender for five years at Buck’s Sports Bar on Central Avenue in Middletown and can verify that when alcohol is involved and tempers flare, people can act violently. She said she’s seen her share of bar fights and even recalls a shootout not too far away from the bar a few years ago.

The bar doesn’t even use glass beer mugs — opting for plastic instead — because glass shards could be used as a weapon. So she doesn’t understand why anyone would want to allow guns to be brought into the mix.

“They took out smoking because they were afraid that would kill people and now they want to bring guns into a bar? What is up with that?” Allen said.
What do you think? Who has a more valid opinion on this issue, gun-rights people or bar people?

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Ohio Gun Bills Delayed

In these times of gun-rights advancements, a delay is as good as a victory.

Two gun bills, including one to allow concealed guns in bars and restaurants, are not likely to be voted on in the Ohio House this session, but may be reintroduced next year.

House Speaker Armond Budish, D-Beachwood, who is against the bills, generally controls which bills get to the floor and does not expect any more House sessions before a two-year term expires at the end of the month.

Senate Bill 239 would loosen rules on how concealed-weapon permit holders carry guns in their cars. The bill would remove requirements that the guns be holstered or in purses or bags. It also would allow permit holders to carry concealed weapons in bars and restaurants that serve alcohol.

Senate Bill 247 would make people with misdemeanor drug convictions eligible to buy and carry concealed weapons.
Supporting laws like these is an example of completely losing touch with reality in a close-minded zealous effort at expanding gun laws. We should be making it harder for people to own and use guns in public, not easier. The reason we should be making it harder is to improve the quality of the so-called legitimate gun owners.  There are too many bad apples now. Every expansion of gun rights increases the proportion of those bad actors.

But, as I said, a delay is as good as a victory at this point.

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Murder - Unsuccessful Suicide in Cleveland

Business as usual in the Buckeye State, isn't that right Fat White Man?


The Toughest President of All Time

via TV Squad

Roosevelt was attacked by a deranged innkeeper named John Schrank, who shot the president as he was about to deliver a speech. The bullet passed through Teddy's coat, through his steel eyeglass case, and was finally slowed down by the manuscript of the 50-page speech that Roosevelt was carrying within his jacket.

After being shot point-blank in the chest, Teddy stepped onto the stage -- as blood was beginning to spread across his shirt -- and delivered the speech anyway. The bullet stayed lodged in his chest for the rest of his life.

Swiss Guns in the Home

via Laci.

The Swiss government has already cast its vote, stating that things are fine the way they are.

The people’s initiative, launched by the centre-left Social Democratic Party – Sommaruga’s own party – as well as pacifist and doctors’ organisations, will be put to a nationwide vote on February 13, 2011.

What's the big deal? Why are folks trying to change a long standing tradition?
According to the committee which launched the initiative, around 2.3 million weapons are in circulation in Switzerland, of which 1.7 million are current or old army-issue rifles and pistols. It claims army weapons are responsible for around 300 deaths a year.
What's your opinion? Is there really another secret agenda? Are these folks intent on removing basic human rights from their fellows? I mean, it can't be to save the 300 lives, a number that is practically negligible compared to the total number of guns.

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He Fights for Our Liberty!!!

Angus of Hamildon
   Sean D. Sorrentino:
There's no compromise to be had. No free citizen should be prevented from buying and carrying any arm (firearm or otherwise) he likes. No government agent should be notified when a citizen buys or carrys a firearm/knife/whatever. Background checks are ineffective, and a precurser to registration, and should be abolished.

Since I won't quit until citizens are free, where do you pretend you will find compromise?

Hahahahahahahahahaaha. Whew. Hahhahahahhahahhahahha.

Jeebus. What a drama queen.

Friday, December 10, 2010

Joel Rosenberg - Poster Boy Search Continues

This time they may be on to something. Poor Oppressed Joel, who went out of his way to challenge the police on the question of open carry, ended up indicted and thrown in jail.  This makes him the ideal candidate for the coveted position of Poster Boy for the Grandiose Vicitm Gun Crowd.

The funniest part is this.
And so, Rosenberg was arrested this morning for felony possession of a dangerous weapon in a courthouse and for willful disobedience of a court mandate. He will be arraigned tomorrow.

It's all fun and games until someone gets thrown in the slammer.
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Utah the Trendsetting State

An op-ed piece in the Salt Lake City Tribune expressed the opposing view, but I'll bet there are plenty in favor of it.

Utah lawmakers continue to struggle to find just the right way to honor the late firearms inventor John Moses Browning. Unfortunately, their latest idea, naming the Browning model 1911 pistol the state gun, is another miss.

Earlier this year, one senator wanted to attach Browning’s name to an existing holiday, perhaps Memorial Day, Veterans Day or Pioneer Day. That plan didn’t gain much support, thank goodness, so, now, a different lawmaker is back with a different idea. Rep. Carl Wimmer, R-Herriman, wants to declare the Browning model 1911 .45-caliber pistol the state gun.

As far as we can tell, no other state has a state gun, so that would make Utah the first. But that isn’t the kind of notoriety the state needs. Like all places, Utah has its peculiarities. This surely would be another.
A peculiar State, indeed.

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Shot Spotter - Birmingham England

Already installed in cities across the U.S.

Thursday, December 9, 2010

Washington State Gun Sweep

From Seattlepi:

Federal agents have seized hundreds of guns in a series of raids against suspected gun dealers, including a retired cop and another man thought to have sold the gun used to kill a Seattle police officer.

According to recently unsealed court documents, federal agents last month conducted a series of stings against four men thought to be illegally dealing firearms at Western Washington gun shows. Court documents suggest that several of the men were sold hundreds of firearms without reporting the sales to authorities or conducting background checks.
Pro gun guys are always trying to seperate themselves from criminals.  The problem is there's a large gray area made up of not-yet-caught criminals who conceal themselves among the legitimate gun owners, taking advantage of lax gun laws like the one which allows private sellers to take money for guns without conduction a background check on the buyer.

These are the "Bad laws be damned" crowd.  How big a group do you think they are?

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Panic in Detroit

It's daily fare in The Motor City.

Dedham Mass - Murder Suicide

Not a word about the gun, whether it was legally owned or if the guy bought it from his bookie. Based on the neighbors' descriptions of the shooter, though, he was one of the good guys right up until the time he killed his whole family. It's incidents like this one which often overlook the fact that the guy was a legal gun owner with all the appropriate permits, perhaps even a licence to carry concealed. Naturally, those details become unimportant when there are skull fragments on the walls and blood everywhere.

Yet, knowing full well that many cases of CCW permit holders-gone-bad go unreported, the gun crowd keeps repeating how law-abiding they are as a whole.

Another favorite theme of the gun crowd is that violence is going down, in spite of increased gun ownership over the last couple years.  When confronted with the fact that that's just not true, as in the case of Massachussets, they claim it proves their gun control laws don't work.

The fact is, the worsening domestic violence situation in The Bay State would be still worse if not for the strict gun laws.

According to statistics from Jane Doe Inc., a statewide coalition against domestic violence and sexual assaults, there have been 30 domestic violence homicide victims so far this year, and 15 “perpetrator suicides.’’

In all last year, there were 23 domestic violence homicide victims and five perpetrator suicides.

“This year, it’s almost an average of one a week,’’ said Toni Troop, spokeswoman for Jane Doe. “Research and experience proves that it’s predictable, so there needs to be a better effort at helping victims identify when they are in high-risk situations.’’
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Laci on the D'Cruz Case

Laci pointed out in that straight-to-the-point style we've come to expect, that the D'Cruz publicity stunt is really a bunch of nonsense.  The title of the post says it all.

Who the Fuck is stopping James A. D’Cruz from joining the National Guard?

Good question, eh?

Too Easy

So..Bitter and Sebby attempt to tagteam Japete's what they do.  That is, when Bitter isn't eating.  Bitter makes an interesting claim:

She’s [japete] convinced that McFate had full access to Senators and Representatives and was possibly telling them to be more pro-gun. Seriously, how many doors does she think the name “Brady Campaign” really opens on Capitol Hill?

Umm..Bitter? If the Brady Campaign is so trivial and meaningless, why did the NRA spend at least $80,000 (that we know of) to infiltrate and spy on the Brady Campaign?

Anyhoo, Sebby tries his hand and fails:
Joan reminds me of my grandmother in many ways. I loved my grandmother, but I wouldn’t have put her on the board of anything as a representative of a movement.
Oh, the irony. Sebby would much rather be represented by someone like Ted Nugent–a racist, draft dodger, and child molester.  Of course, it’s pretty easy to review the history of the NRA and find many of its leaders were criminals, adulterers, racists and assorted grifters.

Wednesday, December 8, 2010

Always Correct; Gift; Etc.

Regarding the case of Brian Aitken, the latest white gunloon martyr, I wrote in comments:
He belongs in jail.

I think the DA brought up a great point--he wasn't willing to testify in court when his own freedom was on the line, but he's happy to talk to the wingnuts.

If you talk to lawyers they'll tell you this generally means they know they haven't a legal leg to stand on. In fact, any lawyer worth his or her salt will tell a client who does have a legitimate case to shut up and be quiet in the public eye.
Via commenter BantheNRA,  we find a planned rally by NJ gunloons to celebrate Aitken's whiteness and gunloonery has been called off by Aitken:
This is Brian speaking. I don't think anyone wants this rally to happen more than I do but I have to pull my support from it. In doing so I will ask my lawyer Evan Nappen not to make any comments or to attend. My family will not be attending, and we are asking Dennis to honor our request as well. I understand your intentions are good but as the old proverb goes the road to hell is paved with good intentions, and this could do more harm than good for me. While I sympathize the need for legal reform I can't build a soapbox with my name on it from people whom I do not know to preach their views which I am not aware of, and may not sanction. We are canceling the order for bumper stickers, t shirts and signage for the event. I wish the best for you and your organization.
You are prohibited from using and/or benefiting in any way from my name. No person, group or organization may use Brian Aitken's name or make any reference to, of, or about Brian Aitken from this moment forward without the express written permission of Brian Aitken.

Always Correct; it's a gift.

Keith Olbermann on the Tax Cuts

via Phuck Politics.

Zappadan 2010 - Day 4

Alabama Murder - Attempted Suicide

The shooter was from Tennessee, though.

Police say a Tennessee man killed one Walmart worker and wounded another in the store's parking lot in Alabama then went home and tried to shoot himself.

Huntsville police spokesman Harry Hobbs identified the suspect as 44-year-old Luke Bates of Taft, Tenn. Police believe Bates shot and killed 25-year-old Stan Ryan Malone on Monday and wounded 41-year-old Martha Ann White of New Market, Ala., outside the Huntsville store.

Police say Bates went to his home about 25 miles north in Tennessee, and a family member found him there with a self-inflicted gunshot wound.

Hobbs said White is in stable condition and that Bates is in critical condition.

Hobbs said White and Bates were once in a relationship but were no longer dating.
What do you think? Is this one of those domestic shootings that took place outside the home?

Olease leave a comment.

Tax Cuts for Millionaires and Billionaires

As if the never-ending wars were not enough, now we have this. I think I've had it with this guy. I've had it with the broken promises and the closed-door deals. Maybe his critics were right that he's not up to the job. What do you think?

John Lennon

From Josh at The CSGV.

Wednesday, December 8th, will mark the 30th anniversary of the death of one of our great advocates for peace and nonviolence: John Lennon. It was on this day in 1980 that the former Beatle was shot and killed in front of his Manhattan apartment by a deranged young man that legally bought a handgun despite a history of mental illness.

Right-wing Image of Jesus

via Laci, via Yellowdog Granny

MA Murder-Suicide

Dedham, MA:

Keating said the boyfriend told authorities that William Spada shot his wife and daughter before shooting himself. The boyfriend avoided becoming a victim himself only because he was able to run out of the house.

“He was there when the shooting began. His account is that William Spada had been the shooter,’’ Keating said. “He ran from the house to make the call. He was still outside when police came.’’

NRA Member McVeigh Wannabe

birthday party machinegun

blacksmith mark

Myspace Video
Another day, another gunloon wants to overthrow the Government:

Self-described "patriot" Mark Krause, a 40-year-old Arkansas blacksmith whose home was foreclosed upon, was arrested in Washington state on Friday and charged with placing a bomb made out of a Pepsi can in front of a polling place during the runoff election for the Arkansas Democratic Senate primary.

Tuesday, December 7, 2010

Zappadan 2010

via Cogitamus.

A Parsec of Space

Dedicated to Zorro, a wordsmith of precision.

Georgia Group Wants No Mandatory Gun Permits

Guess where these guys come from, Kennesaw, Georgia.  They want to do away with the mandatory requirement for gun permits.  And you know why?

“(Criminals) will never willingly submit to fingerprints, background checks, pay taxes or fees, or sit through a waiting period before terrorizing the public,” the group said in a statement released to Channel 2 Action News.

“Criminals and thugs will always have access to guns, knives, poles, hammers, sticks, or any other weapon they wish to use to commit their crime … and they do not ask permission from any government in order to do so. Yet Georgians who wish to carry openly or concealed to protect themselves and their families are treated like criminals, forced by government in the State of Georgia to jump through hoops in order to do so. Criminals and thugs know that this is the case,” the statement said.
This tedious argument is based on the idea that criminals get their guns from other criminals, period. It requires a type of short-sightedness which enables its proponents to look no further, to ask no additional questions. Criminals arm other criminals and law-abiding gun owners get their guns from legitimate sources.

The fact is all guns in criminal hands started out owned by law-abiding gun owners. Many gun control laws are geared towards keeping the guns where they belong.

The good folks down in Kennesaw purposely overlook another obvious fact.  Not all legitimate gun owners are what they seem.  Some are out-and-out criminals who've not been caught yet, others are similarly unfit for any number of other reasons. Gun control laws can help identify these folks and weed them out.

What's your opinion?  Please leave a comment.

The Green Mountain Gun Show

It sounds like it's mainly about antique guns, organized five years ago by Bill Borchers.  This is what caught my eye.

Before any purchase is made, the buyer must fill out a form for an instant criminal background check. With one call to a 1-800 number, Borchers is able to find out within five minutes whether the buyer is legally allowed to possess firearms.

He also doesn't allow "for sale" signs on any guns entering the show; only pre-registered vendors are allowed to make sales.

"There is also no selling in the parking lot," he said. "I don't want people opening up the back of their pick-up truck and selling from there. Ever since I started five years ago, I've never allowed that."
How does that work exactly? Is that some secret phone number that only FFL guys have? Is this the thing pro gun folks are always saying should be opened up to everyone?

Mr. Borchers, and people like him are the reason Vermont has a good reputation. It's not the absense of laws, like many say. It's the quality of the people. Here's a guy who voluntarily adheres to norms which are mandated in other States, where they're generally ignored.

What's your opinion? Please leave a comment.

Guns in Bars - Texas Style

Just another anecdotal story, yeehaw, as Jadegold put it.

A man was arrested after he allegedly fatally shot two men — one of whom was his father-in-law — and injured a woman at a Texas City bar Saturday night, authorities said.

Robert Hernandez Ramos, 61, was charged with capital murder in the shooting deaths of Robert Cantu, 67, and Roger Doyle Robinson, 58, at the Little Doggie bar in the 500 block of Texas Avenue, said Texas City Police Department Capt. Brian Goetschius.

Witnesses told police that Ramos allegedly came in through the side door of the Little Doggie around 5 p.m., immediately walked up to Cantu, who was sitting in the bar, and shot him in the head, Goetschius said.

Cantu, who is Ramos' father-in-law, died instantly.

"In my career, this is truly what appears to be an execution-style murder with no warning or provocation," Goetschius said. While the motive is still under investigation, police said it appears Ramos shot his father-in-law to get back at his wife whom he was having problems with.
What do you say, can we count that as a domestic shooting? Yeah, let's count it on two lists, the bar list and the domestic list. That's how we'll keep up with Lott.

What do you thinik? I wonder if anyone checked to see if Robert Ramos had a concealed carry permit.  I really don't think anyone's keeping an accurate count of those.

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CCW Road Warriors

That’s the holiday message from the Macomb County Sheriff’s Office, which is investigating three separate road rage incidents this weekend in which male drivers pulled out and pointed guns at other male drivers.

Each suspect was charged with assault with a dangerous weapon, a four-year felony. They were arraigned Monday and Tuesday in district courts in Clinton and Shelby townships and released on bonds
Ready for the punchline?
He said each suspect is a concealed pistol license holder.

Want to bet they are also NRA members?

Monday, December 6, 2010

Guns for Conflict Resolution

In Arlington last month, a crowd gathered to watch as a conflict between two women evolved into a fight. One of the women, according to the police report, urged her boyfriend to shoot the other.

The friend pulled his gun and fired several shots, killing a 19-year-old woman and wounding a male bystander.

When this newspaper reported the story, it noted, "This is the third time this month in Tarrant County that a public argument among several people has escalated into a shooting death."

Assault Weapons Protect Against Infants

Jacksonville, FL:
A 7-month-old boy remains hospitalized Wednesday after being hit by a bullet from an assault rifle while in a room at a Westside motel.

Police said the two were fighting over the gun when it accidentally went off.

More on the Bizilj Case

We talked about it before, but now the Police Chief is finally going to trial. I guess they decided he is responsible after all.

At first I thought they'd drop the charges, after all he didn't pull the trigger.  But at least they'll be a trial.  Let's see if he gets a slap on the wrist or not.

Of course I don't think it should stop there. Several others should be going to trial too, starting with the dad.  They should all do a little time for this and then never touch guns again the rest of their lives.

What's your opinion?  Would that be too severe since it was only an accident?

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The Terrible Oppression of Badger Guns

Another law suit is coming against the Milwaukee criminal's best friend, Badger guns. Here we discussed the first one. At that time I thought nothing much would come of it, but now perhaps momentum is building against this notorious operation.

Two Milwaukee police officers, wounded with a gun sold by Badger Guns, are expected to sue the West Milwaukee gun dealer Monday, joining two other wounded officers who earlier filed suit against the store.

Bryan Norberg and Graham Kunisch, who both have life-long disabilities as a result of the June 2009 shooting, allege in the latest suit that Badger Guns and its owners were negligent when selling the gun used to shoot them, and that the store has become a public nuisance, according to a copy of the complaint provided to the Journal Sentinel.

Norberg and Kunisch are two of six Milwaukee police officers injured over a 20-month period with guns sold by Badger Guns or its predecessor, Badger Outdoors.
"Or its predecessor," did you get that?  Shabby only begins to describe it. 

What's your opinion? 

Attempted Domestic Murder - Offender Killed by Police

I thought this kind of thing only happened on TV, but we've seen a couple similar stories lately.

A Seguin woman staying with her parents in New Braunfels owes her life to a malfunctioning gun. 

New Braunfels Police officers shot Glenn Shane Godden to death when he attempted to kidnap and then to shoot his ex-wife
What is it with these malfunctioning guns? Does this happen to all gun owners from time to time?

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Spokane Police Shoot CCW Permit Holder

The armed man was a former marine with a concealed carry permit.  This one covers several of our favorite themes, don't you think?

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NRA Certifiable

One of my great amusements is seeing gunloons who insist on listing NRA certifications after their name.

Example: Joe Sixpack, NRA Certified Range Safety Officer, Pistol, Home Firearm Safety, etc., etc.

Why do I think this is funny? Well, because to become an NRA certified anything, all you need is money and time. 

Nobody ever flunks.

Think about it.  You may have been "trained" by some dude who finished at the very bottom of his "training" class.  Indeed, you may have been "trained" by someone who was the worst student in the history of NRA training classes.  This guy may well be passing on his ignorance to other classes who, in turn, pass it on to others--ad infinitum.

No other training or educational program works this way.  In fact, most training and educational programs will demand that you were a top student.

Guns at Bars. What Could Go Wrong?

Texas City, Texas:
TEXAS CITY, Texas— Two people were killed and another injured on Saturday after a Texas City man opened fire at a bar.

61-year-old Robert Ramos is accused of shooting two men and one woman around 5 p.m. Saturday at Little Doggie bar at 527 Texas Ave., Texas City Police Chief Robert Burby said. Ramos was charged with capital murder and was awaiting transfer to the Galveston County Jail, police said.

Sunday, December 5, 2010

Mike W. on Open Carry

Our former commenter and frequent critic Mike W, has posted an intriguing piece on open carry.

Most people don't even notice. Those who do notice tend to fall into one of 3 categories.

1. Notice but don't seem to care
2. Notice and keep looking at the gun
3. Notice and are looking at you like you're carrying around dead kittens in your arms.

Surprisingly no one comes up to me and asks if I'm carrying because I have a small trouser monkey.
I've often tried to fathom the depths of the Mike W. thinking, which not unlike Weer'd Beard's, remains elusive to me.

What do you think?  Was he joking when he said most people don't even notice? Is he talking about most people at the gun range? He can't be talking about walking on a downtown street while window shopping.  There, I can assure you people notice and fall right into his category 2 or 3.

What's your opinion?  And what the hell is a "trouser monkey?"  Is that a cool nickname for a small gun that is open carried?  I would think it would get the same attention as a military-issued .45, unless it's not even visible.

Which brings up a question.  In open carry, can a person wear an overcoat which in effect conceales the gun?

Please leave a comment.

Antique Guns Stolen from Armory

The Free Press has the story.

A collection of antique guns, which survived for decades in a Mapleton man’s home and many more years in the Blue Earth County Library, has been stolen from a Mankato armory.

A full-time guardsman called police Thursday morning after he reported to work at the National Guard Armory in Mankato and found a broken window. Dozens of antique firearms that were on display in the lobby of the building were missing.

Roughly two dozen rifles and about 70 handguns are missing, said Maj. Darrin Janisch, who works at the armory. Some of the rifles were left behind by the burglar or burglars. Most of the handguns were gone.
I would imagine the black market for these guns is not the usual one. To off this merchandise we'd have to seek out those folks among the legitimate gun owners that I call "the hidden criminals." This are the bad-laws-be-damned crowd.

What's your opinion? Don't you think many a lawful gun owner would enjoy owning some of this stuff.

There was everything there from cap and ball single-shot handguns to modern guns up into the 1940s and 50s.

One of the weapons was a Japanese machine gun.
What's your opinion? Please leave a comment.

Brian Aitken - Poster Boy of the Oppressed

Brian Aitken is turning into the symbol of unfair oppression and rights violations by the state. He's a victim of the patchwork of gun laws throughout the country. Of course the ones who say that fault the too-strict laws in New Jersey not the practically-non-existent laws in Colorado.

The fact is he was found with guns in his car, albeit properly stored in the trunk, but still in violation of New Jersey law.  Part of the defense is that he just didn't know it was wrong, a truly incredible position.  The rest of it seems to depend on whether he was moving houses at the time.

"However, his roommate testified that they had been sharing the Hoboken apartment since June 2008, and that he had seen the guns at the apartment in September 2008," Bewley wrote. "[Aitken's] mother testified that he had been living in Hoboken and working in New York City since June 2008. This incident occurred in January 2009."
That's pretty damning testimony, I'd say. The gun crowd must be awfully desperate for a poster boy. I suppose they want someone to offset Colin Goddard.

What's your opinion? Please leave a comment.

Bad Laws Be Damned

Here's a story about a cop who practiced Commenter Mike's philosophy.

The poor cop was just trying to make a buck by working another job on company time.  If they'd paid him a decent wage he wouldn't have had to do that.  And when he came across a guy urinating in public he just wanted to rough him up a bit. Bad laws be damned.

The problem is a police officer who inappropriately points a gun at someone is not the kind of person who can responsible manage firearms. And the sad part is after his dismissal he'll still be a gun owner, one of the so-called legitimate ones, and he'll probably continue abusing that privilege as an armed guard.

What's your opinion?  How prevalent is that attitude of Mike's, that "bad laws be damned" attitude? 

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Domestic Shooting Outside of the Workplace

An interesting murder in Ohio:

Authorities arrested Eric Hamilton, 18, shortly after 3a.m. yesterday at a home on Wetmore Road E., Thompson said.

Hamilton was fired from his job at the warehouse earlier Thursday, authorities said, but the dismissal appears to be unrelated to the shooting.

They figure it was unrelated because the two guys were arguing over a girl who worked there.

So, how would that 18 to 20-year-old law have worked in this case?  For one thing he wouldn't have had to procure the weapon illegally.  As commenter Mike said over at TTAG, "Bad law be damned."

That attitude, prevalent enough among mature gun owners must be extremely operative among the 18 to 20 age bracket since they're even more oppressed than the others as far as their Constitutionally protected human rights go.

I know.  Give them their rights in order to prevent them from having to break the law.  That's the general idea isn't it?  Some say get rid of all the gun laws using this same twisted and self-serving mentality.

What do you think? Please leave a comment.