Saturday, February 19, 2011

The Second Bill of Rights

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Do you think the glaring omission of the 2nd Amendment rights was an oversight?

Internecine Bickering

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I love it when they get all uppity with each other, don't you?

I'm sorry, but it's comments like this from pro-gun folks really irk me. I have no problem with us disagreeing civilly on tactics and hearts & minds issues. What I do have a problem with is people who want to see the rights of fellow pro-gunners restricted.
That's Mike W. pushing his reasoning and arguing skills to the limit. Reasonable restrictions, which even the gun-friendly Supreme Court has approved, would have to be applied to some gun owners, somewhere. So what in the hell is Mike W. talking about?  Can anyone decipher it?

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The Legend of the Starfish

via Running 'Cause I Can't Fly"

"A vacationing businessman was walking along a beach when he saw a young boy. Along the shore were many starfish that had been washed up by the tide and were sure to die before the tide returned. The boy was walking slowly along the shore and occasionally reached down and tossed the beached starfish back into the ocean.

The businessman, hoping to teach the boy a little lesson in common sense, walked up to the boy and said, “I have been watching what you are doing, son. You have a good heart, and I know you mean well, but do you realize how many beaches there are around here and how many starfish are dying on every beach every day. Surely such an industrious and kind hearted boy such as yourself could find something better to do with your time. Do you really think that what you are doing is going to make a difference?”

The boy looked up at the man, and then he looked down at a starfish by his feet. He picked up the starfish, and as he gently tossed it back into the ocean, he said, “It makes a difference to that one.”

NRA Blocks Gun Research

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from Mother Jones

How much firepower does the gun lobby have? Consider this: since the mid-90s, the NRA has "all but choked off" money for research on gun violence, according to a story today in the New York Times. "We've been stopped from answering the basic questions," said Mark Rosenberg, the former director of the National Center for Injury Control and Prevention, part of the federal Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, which used to be the leading source of financing for firearms research. Thanks to the gun lobby's obstruction, questions like whether more guns actually make communities safer, whether the ready availability of high-capacity magazines increases the number of gun-related deaths, or whether more rigorous background checks of gun buyers make a difference, remain maddeningly unanswered.
Does that sound plausible to you? Or is it just another crazy conspiracy theory?

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Poughkeepsie, New York - 3 Dead

The Poughkeepsie Journal has the story about the horrible 5 minutes of chaos.

Kirby Ferris Wins the Oscar for Most Paranoid

via 2nd Amendment, Shooting & Firearms Blog

The evidence:

1. Since 1989, JPFO has stood for the complete and utter abolition of “gun control”. Any form of firearms owner registry is an invitation to burgeoning tyranny, and even a police state takeover.

2, To continue down this hand wringing, knee jerk, hysterical response path spells doom to our liberty.

3. Our anti-gun opponents actually WANT this to happen! They are GLAD when a Patrick Purdy or a Jared Loughner surfaces.

4. The elites absolutely must confiscate the firearms they, as tyrants in waiting, fear the most: Serious caliber semi automatic, magazine fed, rifles.

5. It happened in Australia almost overnight. It happened in New Zealand almost overnight.
Number 5 is the best because it refutes Number 1.

I realize our Jewish friends have that old Holocaust thing in the back of their minds and maybe that explains some of this.  But don't you think it's a bit over the top?  And why do our non-Jewish friends find this bizarre hysteria so attractive?

Let me take a guess. Gun owners love to view themselves as the intellectually superior protectors of liberty. I mean who wouldn't want to be that? They construct fantastic explanations to justify this, often nonsensical and contradictory ones like Mr. Ferris's point Number 5. Often these fantasies flip-flop between claiming they belong to the vast majority of reasonable men to their being horribly outnumbered and being perfectly willing to fight to the death. It's all about freedom, after all.

Meantime, nearly 100 people a day are dying from bullets.  I don't know how many are wounded. As much as the pro gun folks like to mock the expression, I think "blood in the streets" is fairly apt.

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Girandoni Air Rifle

Absolutely fascinating via 2nd Amendment, Shooting & Firearms Blog.

Friday, February 18, 2011

Nebraska's Proposed Gun Legislation

From The Deseret News

A proposal to let Nebraska teachers and school staff carry guns in response to last month's fatal Omaha school shooting actually would make classrooms more dangerous, education and law enforcement groups argued Wednesday.

The Nebraska Association of School Boards, the Nebraska State Education Association, the University of Nebraska-Lincoln's police chief and an association of private colleges in the state all told lawmakers at a hearing the proposal was a bad idea.
Isn't it just so predictable that these gun-rights fanatics dance in the blood of the victims of tragedies like this one and try to push their agenda.

Luckily, there are still some sensible people in the Cornhusker State.

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Domestic Double Murder and Suicide

The action took place in Bass Lake California. On Google Maps it looks like that's in Yosemite National Park.

Mudrake on The Right, the Lies and President G. W. Bush

From another typically eloquent and cutting post from the man who has everything, even a muck rake.

Remember this photo of GW Bush trying hard to convince us of the need for war while his face screams, LIE!  I knew it was a lie; so did my wife and almost all of our friends. Others apparently weren’t astute enough to pick up the lying face.  Or, two other reasons come to mind.  One, they were too open, like sponges, to propaganda and nationalistic fervor. Two, they needed revenge for 9-11. These two forces have historically been used by incompetent but cunning leaders of nations to boost their image. We fell for it like lemmings over the cliff.

Bill O'Reilly Lies and Distorts the Shawna Forde Case

David Niewert of Crooks and Liars writes:

Of all the media entities that have ignored the case of Shawna Forde and her killer Minutemen, the silence at Fox News has been the most egregious and noteworthy -- particularly because Bill O'Reilly is fond of criticizing other news organizations for supposedly "ignoring" stories that he has deemed eminently newsworthy (even if, in fact, they haven't really ignored them at all, or it's in fact a story of dubious veracity).
What's your opinion? Isn't it funny that the gun crowd hates Billy O. because he once made some remarks against guns that they didn't like, even though everything else he stands for is in alignment with their beliefs? Or, am I generalizing too much? What do you think?

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Phillies' Legend Dallas Green

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The Philadelphia Inquirer carried a heartbreaking story about the healing process the Green family is undergoinig after the killing of 9-year-old Christina Green in the Tuscon massacre.

"I guess the one thing that I can't get through my mind is, even though I'm a hunter and I love to shoot and I love to have my guns, I don't have a Glock and I don't have a magazine with 33 bullets in it," he said. "That doesn't make sense to be able to sell those kinds of things. What reason is there to have those kinds of guns other than to kill people?"
Although I believe we have bigger fish to fry than magazine capacity restrictions, it is a compelling observation coming from this famous sportsman and gun owner. Combined with the excessive and exaggerated defensive reactions on the part of the gun crowd, I tend to agree.

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Improving the Database

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Yahoo News is carrying a story that won't come as news to any of us, although the pro-gun crowd don't like to talk about it much.

More than half the states are not complying with a post-Virginia Tech law that requires them to share the names of mentally ill people with the national background-check system to prevent them from buying guns, an Associated Press review has found.

The deadline for complying with the three-year-old law was last month. But nine states haven't supplied any names to the database. Seventeen others have sent in fewer than 25, meaning gun dealers around the U.S. could be running names of would-be buyers against a woefully incomplete list.
This is an area where a big improvement can be achieved. Combined with the upcoming eventual legislation for background checks on all transfers, the benefits should be substantial.

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Why is Science Biased Against Gunloons?

In comments, we frequently get gunloons who demand "evidence" of whatever they disagree with.  And that's a good thing.  Assertions or the like ought to be backed up with facts and evidence, whenever possible.

Aside from the fact gunloons never, ever back up their NRA talking points assertions with facts or evidence, what is tiresome is that when facts and evidence are presented to gunloons--it is dismissed as "biased."

Many of the studies--and there are no shortage of them--showing guns cause harm to their owners, to society, to kids, etc.  are waved away by gunloons because they don't like the results. To the gunloon, many PhDs and MDs and academics are simply "bought" by "biased" anti-gun groups and they are paid to produce "biased" reports and studies.

However, like most gunloon claims, such idiocy is easily debunked.

Thursday, February 17, 2011

Rate of Gun Death and Gun Ownership

via Eunoia who said, "'Nuff said."

Words - the Ugliest and the Most Beautiful

via Futility Closet and dedicated to The Truth about Guns (Robert knows why, does anyone else?)

Lexicographer Wilfred Funk declared these the 10 most beautiful words in English:
  • chimes
  • dawn
  • golden
  • hush
  • lullaby
  • luminous
  • melody
  • mist
  • murmuring
  • tranquil
Playwright Edward Sheldon declared these the ugliest:
  • funeral parlor
  • galluses
  • housewife
  • intelligentsia


via Penigma

What could possibly be objectionable in what he says?

Knives are More Lethal than Guns

Here's proof.

A 23-year-old woman was sentenced to 20 years to life in prison on Tuesday for fatally stabbing an Oakley father and shooting a clerk at an Antioch 7-Eleven during separate armed robberies in May 2006.

Doimonque Abernathy pleaded no contest Tuesday to second-degree murder for killing Ricardo Rivera Sr. outside his Oakley home, and to assault with a firearm for shooting clerk Narinder Singh Bajaj in the head.

Abernathy was an 18-year-old transient when she entered 7-Eleven on Sunset Lane in Antioch about 1:45 a.m. May 9, 2006, wearing a partial face mask and holding a gun, according to court documents.

Bajaj, who recovered from his injuries, told police that he was complying with Abernathy's demand for cigarettes when she shot him in the head. She ran from the store with the cigarettes as he lay on the ground, bleeding from the head. Abernathy later told police that the gun accidentally fired.
How about that sentence? Does 20 years sound about right for her?

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8 Years for an "Accident"

Young guys messing around with a gun, one of them ends up dead, the shooter goes to jail for 8 years.

Is that a bit too harsh, in your opinion?

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Gun Deaths Since 9/11

From PolitiFact where they checked out the following Doonsbury numbers.

"What are we like as a people?" Slackmeyer muses to himself in his studio. "Nine years, ago we were attacked -- 3,000 people died. In response, we started two long, bloody wars and built a vast homeland-security apparatus -- all at a cost of trillions! Now consider this. During those same nine years, 270,000 Americans were killed by gunfire at home. Our response? We weakened our gun laws."

We began by contacting Garry Trudeau, the cartoonist who has drawn Doonesbury for more than four decades. He got back immediately with a summary of his methodology.

"The final figure lacks precision, because it's extrapolated," Trudeau wrote us, noting, correctly, that the most recent data for gun deaths from the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention is from 2007.

"What I had were six years -- 2002-2007 -- of a remarkably stable number, around 30,000" gun deaths per year, Trudeau wrote. "So in my judgment, multiplying 30,000 times nine yielded a figure reasonable and accurate enough for rhetorical purposes without using hyperbole. If anything, it may be slightly on the low side."

We found that Trudeau was basically right.

I guess we could have told them that. But what do you think about the point? The point seems to be there's something wrong with having started two long bloody wars and having weakened our gun laws.

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Temple Law Student Acquitted

The called it the "bar-hop shooting."

Ung and two friends crossed paths with DiDonato and three of his friends at 2:30 a.m. after both groups were looking for cabs after bar-hopping. Soon, a petty argument erupted between the two groups of strangers.
Ung testified that he shot DiDonato in self-defense after he was followed, threatened and, finally, lunged at by DiDonato and one of his three friends on Market Street, in front of the Fox 29 studios.

DiDonato and his friends testified that they hadn't provoked Ung, who they said started the trouble.
According to trial testimony, before Ung fired his .38-caliber pistol, he pointed it at DiDonato and ordered him back. DiDonato kept advancing and said: "Who you gonna shoot?"

Ung kicked. DiDonato grabbed his leg, causing Ung to lose his right boot and his balance. While falling, Ung began shooting. He called 9-1-1 seconds later.

Ung, of Fairfax County, Va., near Washington, had a permit from there that allowed him to legally carry his pistol in Pennsylvania.
We couldn't ask for a better example of why alcohol and guns don't mix.  Responsible gun owners leave their weapons at home when they go out drinking. That way, when the cave-man brawls take place out on the street, and they're about to catch a beating, they're not tempted to shoot their adversary six times.

I find it hard to believe this guy was acquitted.  What do you think?

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Frankie Muniz Surrenders Gun

The story is there was a domestic violence scene and an threatened suicide with a gun. But, since no charges were filed, is that enough for the police to disarm someone?

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Iowa Shall Issue

As expected Iowa has seen a big increase in applications for carry permits since the new law went into effect.

Guess what happened after the new Iowa gun law went into effect? Yes, the law allowing you to carry your gun concealed or openly in public with a permit?

A whole lot of Iowans showed up to apply for the gun permits.
Of course gun control folks are worried about this, you know the old blood-in-the-streets reaction. But, ...

Not according to John Lott, who recently published the third edition of "More Guns, Less Crime." "The more [permits] issued, the more criminals are going to be afraid to attack other people," he told The Washington Times.
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NRA Grifter (SC Edition)

Meet SC State Sen. Lee Bright (R-NRA):
State Senator Lee Bright recently introduced a bill to study "whether this State should adopt a currency to serve as an alternative to the currency distributed by the Federal Reserve System in the event of a major breakdown of the Federal Reserve System."

In other words, Bright is asking for a study to determine if South Carolina should print its own money.
Uh oh:
The S.C. Department of Revenue has filed a lien against On Time Trucking, a transportation company run by state Sen. Lee Bright, in the amount of $67.261.02.

That’s the amount the state says Bright, a Roebuck Republican who has made a name for himself as a strict fiscal conservative, did not pay in the second half of 2008 and first half of 2009, plus penalties, interest and court costs.

Wednesday, February 16, 2011

Why They Hate Al Jazeera

An op-ed in Al Jazeera touched upon a few of our favorite themes including the following trenchant observations about Wayne and the NRA

There is plenty of circumstantial evidence that the NRA's mission has nothing to do with its members, but everything to do with protecting the profits of the gun manufacturers who support the organisation with big bucks - not to mention pay the million-dollar-plus salary of the NRA's executive vice president, Wayne LaPierre.

One wonders whether these members know that not only are the views of LaPierre and the rest of his leadership team way out of touch with its membership - who overwhelmingly support universal background checks for gun buyers and stopping those on terrorist watch lists from enjoying easy access to firearms (see Part I of this series for poll numbers) - but that they are also subsidising LaPierre's lavish lifestyle.

This might explain the NRA's need for constant crisis marketing (Obama's coming with the Legion of Doom to take your guns!) to misinform the public at large and shake their members' wallets loose - the NRA's very own "We've got trouble! Right here in River City!" routine.
What's your opinion? Is it offensive to patriotic Americans that Al Jazeera runs opinion pieces like this?

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Congressman Gomer Pyle on Guns in Washington D.C.

His real name is GOP Rep. Louie Gohmert (R-TX) and he's funnier than Pyle ever was.

Woman does Suicide by Cop

I've said it before, either the cops need better training to distinguish real guns from toys, or these toy guns, including BB guns and air-soft guns, have to go.

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Student Wanted to Shoot Teacher

The gun-friendly culture in Arizona produces 15-year-olds like this one.  They learn from their dads. And when tragedy is averted what's the Arizona answer, charge the teenager as a adult and send a letter to the dad.

A letter was sent out to parents notifying them of the incident.

Is it any wonder they've become the laughing stock of the world and one of the most dangerous places in the country?

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Domestic Murder outside Sacramento

He had no criminal record, just a lot of anger. The Mercury News has the story.
Authorities say a Sacramento County man fatally shot his wife and injured her 11-year-old daughter when she tried to call 911 for help. 
What do you think? Are guns bad news for women, or what?

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LSD - The Answer for Gun Fanaticism

Wired published an interesting story about a conference held a few years ago on the occasion of old Albert's 100th birthday.  It made me realize why the pro-gun crowd often make disparaging remarks about hippies. Those hippies were on to something that the gun-lovers could use.  via Norwegianity.

"LSD wanted to tell me something," Hofmann told the gathering Friday. "It gave me an inner joy, an open mindedness, a gratefulness, open eyes and an internal sensitivity for the miracles of creation."
What's your opinion? Do you think that would work?

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Cosmetic Guns


Would you use a stapler to saw through a 2x4?  Would you write the Great American Novel using an Excel spreadsheet?  Most rational people wouldn't.

But gunloons would have you believe they need an assault weapon for self-defense or hunting.  To justify this foolish desire, they claim many assault weapons are only classified as "assault weapons" because of "cosmetic features."

South Dakota NRA Legislator Seeking to Legalize Killing of Doctors

An incendiary story by Mother Jones making the rounds on the Web reports that a law being considered in South Dakota would expand the definition of "justifiable homicide" to apply to killings intended to prevent harm to unborn children. Mother Jones writes that the measure "could make it legal to kill doctors who perform abortions."

The gunloon is named Phil Jensen.  Prior to becoming the shame of South Dakota, he sold cookware.

Shawna Forde: PosterGirl of the NRA

MikeB covered it.

However, he doesn't note the extensive ties between the NRA and the so-called "minutemen" fringe groups.  If you go on the various "minutemen" blogs and forums, there's no shortage of NRA members.

Tuesday, February 15, 2011

Shawna Forde Found Guilty

She was the leader of the Minutemen American Defense Group, and as such felt well within her rights to murder illegals in cold blood. The country's better off, right?

Do you notice the similarity between the Minuteman attitude towards illegal aliens and the gun-owner attitude towards criminals as demonstrated by Jay G.?  In both cases the targets of their animosity are sub-humans who are completely disposable.

What's your opinion? Please leave a comment.

Another Execution for Disobedience

This time the dead guy didn't even "lunge," he just "moved towards the officer."  I guess he forgot that disobedience is punishable by summary execution.

Here's the story in the Houston Chronicle.

Of Guns and Cosmetics

Mary Rosh Knows Cosmetics
In the never-ending string of gunloon myths and fables, a favorite is, under the assault weapon ban, certain guns were banned because of "cosmetic" features.

Gunloons well-versed in firearms know this isn't true; other gunloons are simply ignorant.  A common thread is to claim lethality is what makes an assault weapon.  Thus, according to gunloons, features that don't directly contribute to lethality are merely "cosmetic."

It's a false premise.

If pure lethality were what makes a combat firearm militarily effective, then we'd equip troops with a TAC-50.  But we don't.  Why is in Part II.

Monday, February 14, 2011

Seattle Man Pistol-Whips Burglar

Basically what happened is this.  A homeowner/gunowner takes off sick with the flu.  A burglar enters the house and upon hearing someone moving around, took off running out through the front yard. The homeowner, not wanting the bad guy to get away, fired a warning shot, which presumably convinced the guy to stop running, and then pistol-whipped him, just to keep him around for the police.

All that's bad enough, not bad enough to be charged with anything, but plenty bad enough in my opinion.  But, what's worse is his overall attitude as expressed in these two quotes.

"Actually couldn't believe it was happening at first," McCauley said. "Then I got dressed as quietly as I could, grabbed my pistol."

"It was the best sick day I've probably had," he said. 
Every day we read on the pro-gun blogs about how responsible they are and how they would never use their guns unnecessarily. They all claim to hope they'll never need to use the gun.

I don't buy it. I believe many gun owners are like this guy, just itching for a chance to use it, just waiting for a "bad guy" to cross their path.

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The NRA - A Blood-Drenched Organization

via Bay Area Houston.

Now this is the shared responsibility I'm always talking about.

Los Angeles Shootings - 7 Dead

One was gang related, the other was domestic. These are the kinds of shootings that gun-rights activists try to claim they have nothing to do with.  But, can they really say that?  I don't think so.  As supporters of the very laws, or lack thereof, that enable disqualified people to get guns as easily as buying milk at the grocery story, they share in the responsibility.

Unless you support the simple gun control laws that would prevent much of this violence, then you are partly responsible for the violence. The only response from the gun crowd that rings true is the one which says this is the price we must pay for freedom. I disagree with that, but at least it makes sense in a calculating kind of way, and it recognizes that the responsibility for this gun violence does not stop with the doers of it but also extends to the enablers.

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Sunday, February 13, 2011

Check Out My Smoke Detector

Gunloons often say guns are tools like a smoke detector or a fire extinguisher--something you have but hope you don't have to use.

Of course, I don't know of anyone who has to show off their smoke detectors to a buddy.  And even if you did, the worst that might happen is the thing might make a loud noise.  Not so with a gun:
Justin Adkins was hosting a barbecue at his home. Brevard County deputies said Adkins, 25, was showing a friend his .380 caliber when it accidentally fired.
The bullet went through the wall and into the kitchen, striking Kasey Canada in the back.

37 States Have Shall Issue

I find it absolutely incredible that the NRA and the gun lobbyists have been able to push 37 states into this category.

What's your opinion? Please leave a comment.

Focus on the Criminal Not on the Gun

In Connecticut they have the right idea.

With crime and violence on the minds of many in Norwalk, the state Legislature is considering a bill to create a gun offender registry.

Bad Rules Be Damned

Sabre Defense Industries.

This is a fascinating article which shows how the veneer of legitimacy can be very thin indeed.  This goes for major gun manufacturers just as it does for individual gun owners.

What do you think?  Please leave a comment.

How to Cut Down on Gun Violence

Here's how. Of course it would have to be combined with background checks on all gun sales. And that in turn would logically call for registration and licensing. But the suggestions in this article are a good starting point.

What's your opinion? Please leave a comment.

Vallejo Police Do It Again - Jay G. Keeps Count

Police all over the country have been busy lately, and Vallejo, California's finest are no exception. The scene was the usual one, attempted traffic stop, chase, and the terrible result.

The driver eventually pulled over near the intersection of Corcoran and Cobb avenues, where he initially disobeyed orders to exit the vehicle, according to police. When he finally did, he pulled out a gun. Police said more than one officer fired at the man, who died at the scene.

It's usually the same old story, the guy "lunges" or "pulls a gun" or something that can be written up as "lethal threat."

This is the second officer-involved fatal shooting since December. Guy Jarreau, 34, was killed exactly two months ago by Vallejo police in an alley in the 2100 block of Sonoma Boulevard.

An officer fatally shot Jarreau after police say he aimed a loaded gun at the officer.

Family members and friends, who held a vigil Friday afternoon in his memory, say Jarreau was shooting an anti-violence music video and question whether he actually had a gun.
This one sounds a little different though doesn't it, although not uncommon.  Often the friends and relatives say "no way, that's just not like him."

So here's my theory, which I freely admit I got from the movies.  The cops are buying up guns on the black market to plant on their victims after they shoot them. Now, before you object, think about it.  It's not really as bad or as far-fetched as you might first think.

Everyone knows that cops have a tough job, right? We also know that, in a sticky situation, if they waited to actually see the gun or to determine lethal threat for certain, it would be too late.  They must pre-empt the action, if they want to survive, and this leads to mistakes which need to be covered up. It's that simple.

The attitude which makes all this possible is perfectly illustrated on the popular gun blog MAroonedJay G. keeps a running "goblin" count.  Never mind that those so-called "goblins" have rights and are supposed to be presumed innocent like everybody else.  And never mind the fact that some of them may actually have been innocent, these are cases in which the shooter was really the criminal in spite of appearances. But none of that matters to Jay G., just like none of that matters to your average cop who views the folks he's decided are criminals as sub-human and worthy of being destroyed.

What's your opinion?  Please leave a comment.

Breda on Open Carry

Breda sparked a wonderful discussion about open carry.

As a gun owner, there are few better feelings than walking down the street in a freedom-friendly town with a pistol on your hip.
After offering five common-sense suggestions about carrying a gun openly, she said this.

The point here is to act as if carrying a gun is as normal as wearing a wristwatch. Doing anything else will destroy the potential joys of open carry for the rest of us.
My comment which was not accepted was this.
"The point here is to act as if carrying a gun is as normal as wearing a wristwatch."

The reason people practice the "act as if" thing is because the thing they're acting about IS NOT TRUE.
The discussion, even without my help to focus attention on the fact that gun owners themselves know openly carrying a gun is anything but "normal," turned into a fascinating internecine war between two types of gun owners.

The bullying extremists, shunned by the majority as counter-productive to the cause, say it's their right and nobody can tell them not to do it.  The majority side with Breda. These are the "act as if" gun owners. These are the ones who pretend that gun ownership, concealed carry and even open carry are as normal as flying a kite on a summer's day. They know that's not true, but they pretend.

What's your opinion?  Please leave a comment.

El Monte, California Road Rage

The incident involved an off-duty LEO, who really has to lose his job and his right to bear arms.  Don't you think?

Authorities say an off-duty Los Angeles County sheriff's deputy who was driving home from work got into an argument with another driver and the two men began shooting at each other.

The Friday afternoon shooting on State Route 60 in El Monte is still under investigation, but sheriff's spokesman Steve Whitmore said the deputy was unharmed and the other driver suffered facial injuries after he was grazed by a bullet.
I can hear the gun defenders already, what if it had been self defense? In that case I say give him a desk job and take away the guns. Why? Two reasons: 1. for engaging in a road rage argument until it escalated into a gunfight, and 2. for being such a poor marksman.

What's your opinion?  Please leave a comment.

Eugene Police Officer Dead in Negligent Discharge

 via Opinione

It's hard to believe that a trained police officer could do something like this, unless of course he'd had a history of poor behaviour with guns, in which case the one-strike-you're-out rule would have saved his life.  But, of course we don't know that.  So, assuming this was a one-off mistake, this sad story shows that one strike is sometimes too many, further confirming the need for One Strike You're Out.