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Another NRA Poster Child in New Jersey

Gordon Van Gilder Antique Flintlock Pistol

Well, it appears that New Jersey isn't resting on its laurel in regards to applying a dose of common sense in enforcement of its gun laws. I was wondering what Jersey was going to do to shoot itself in the foot next. (pun intended)

"After Shaneen Allen and Brian Aitken, you’d think that officials in New Jersey would have finally figured out that they need to stop persecuting honest gun owners and instead do their job — targeting hardened criminals.

Well apparently not, at least not in Cumberland County.

72-year old retired teacher and military academy graduate Gordon Van Gilder was stopped by a Cumberland County sheriff’s deputy for a minor traffic violation. When he volunteered that he had an antique flintlock pistol with him, he was promptly arrested and charged with unlawful possession of a handgun, which carries up to a ten-year prison sentence. Van Gilder’s case is currently stalled while prosecutors claim they are doing “ballistics testing” on the 300-year-old, smooth-bore collectible."

  1. I object to the Ammoland way of describing events: "you’d think that officials in New Jersey would have finally figured out that they need to stop persecuting honest gun owners and instead do their job — targeting hardened criminals."

    That makes it sound like they've halted all targeting of hardened criminals in order to persecute honest gun owners. Of course that's wrong on two counts, first they are very much targeting criminals and two, the "honest gun owners" they are persecuting are all guilty of something.

    Going back to the first point, let's consider the total number of arrests and prosecutions and divide that number into 3. That should put the situation in some kind of perspective.

Shooting at Pinch Pharmacy - Justified or Not?

Still More on the Las Vegas Shootout

From ssgmarkcr

Checked in to the hotel on post the night before my reserve drill and came upon this when I got online.  I imagine you're already tracking on it.  It will be interesting to see how the assailant's story matches with the son's and whatever physical evidence the police have gathered. 

The teenage neighbor arrested in what has been described as the road-rage slaying of a Las Vegas mother boasted about the shooting and told friends that he emptied several clips from his semi-automatic handgun during the gunbattle, according to a police report released Friday.
The documents depict a fierce shootout last week involving 19-year-old Erich Milton Nowsch Jr., victim Tammy Meyers and her 22-year-old son.
Police said Nowsch bragged of firing more than 22 shots at them that night — first, a few blocks from their home, then in the cul-de-sac outside their house.

According to investigators, Nowsch portrayed the Meyers family as the aggressors, saying he saw someone in their car waving a gun out the window at him.
"Got those kids. They were after me, and I got them," he was quoted as telling friends.
Nowsch remained jailed Friday on suspicion of murder, attempted murder and firing a gun from a vehicle. It was not clear if he had a lawyer.

Authorities continued to search for a second suspect, apparently the driver of the car in which Nowsch was said to be riding.

Friday, February 20, 2015

Follow Up on the Las Vegas Tammy Meyers Shooting - Road Rage or Just More Gun Nut Lunacy?

Police released a sketch of the suspect (right) in the killing of Tammy Meyers. | ASSOCIATED PRESS

Huffington Post

Police made an arrest Thursday in the mysterious road-rage killing of a Las Vegas mother, apprehending a teenage neighbor who had a history with the family before the shootout.

Erich Nowsch, 19, was arrested on suspicion of murder after SWAT teams surrounded his home a block away from the residence of Tammy Meyers, the woman killed.

Authorities believe Nowsch was the gunman in the attack, Las Vegas police Capt. Chris Tomaino said. He has not been formally charged.

Concealed Carry on Campus to Prevent Rape

Crayle Vanest, an Indiana University senior, recently became the first woman on the board of Students for Concealed Carry. Credit Aaron P. Bernstein for The New York Times

New York Times

As gun rights advocates push to legalize firearms on college campuses, an argument is taking shape: Arming female students will help reduce sexual assaults.
Support for so-called campus carry laws had been hard to muster despite efforts by proponents to argue that armed students and faculty members could prevent mass shootings like the one at Virginia Tech in 2007. The carrying of concealed firearms on college campuses is banned in 41 states by law or by university policy. Carrying guns openly is generally not permitted.
But this year, lawmakers in 10 states who are pushing bills that would permit the carrying of firearms on campus are hoping that the national spotlight on sexual assault will help them win passage of their measures.
“If you’ve got a person that’s raped because you wouldn’t let them carry a firearm to defend themselves, I think you’re responsible,” State Representative Dennis K. Baxley of Florida said during debate in a House subcommittee last month. The bill passed.

Black on White Murders


We set out to create the most comprehensive look at interracial murders, involving blacks and whites, ever conducted. The results are shocking. Our sample of black on white murders has grown to 393 cases.

To date we have only been able to find four cases of white on black murder for 2014.

We even reached out to the SPLC, black power groups, and other left-wing organizations for assistance in compiling cases of white on black murders. None of these groups sent us any murders. The SPLC, which hypes white on black violence, does not list a single white on black murder for the entire year of 2014.


Ben Carson Accuses Obama of Treason

Thursday, February 19, 2015

70 Years for Markus Kaarma, Idaho Homeowner Who 'Hunted' Intruder

USA Today 

A Montana homeowner was sentenced Thursday to 70 years in prison for the shotgun slaying of a German exchange student he found trespassing in his garage late one night last spring.

Markus Kaarma, 30, of Missoula, won't be eligible for parole for at least 20 years. A jury in December found him guilty of deliberate homicide in the April 27 shooting death of 17-year-old Diren Dede, of Hamburg, Germany.

Jurors rejected Kaarma's argument that he shot in self-defense under the so-called Castle doctrine because his home had been burglarized previously. Dede was unarmed, and three witnesses testified at the trial that Kaarma had spoken about shooting someone.

The Republican Party

More on the Indiana 5-Year-old's Death - Still No Charges

Local news reports

No charges have been filed, and the shooting is still under investigation. Mya White is the second homicide victim in Fort Wayne and Allen County in 2015.

This is a week later. The investigators are probably as reluctant as the woman in the video to blame the gun owner. It was just an accident, after all.

Six Thoughts on Guns and Freedom

Huffington Post

2. Protection

Notably, the percentage of Americans who say they own a gun for protection has risen precipitously at the same time that crime has fallen dramatically. For this reason, it is difficult to make the argument that the perceived need for "protection" is based in reality, on actual probabilities of meaningful threat. Instead, we must wonder whether the urge to own a gun for personal security rests more on a different, less concrete understanding of what constitutes a threat, and how best to handle that threat, whether it is imagined or real.

Guns give people the fantasy of control, not the reality of control, so to understand the firearms ownership obsession, we need to appreciate what fantasies are at work. For example, there is a significant fear among whites of black youths. But most violence involving young black males is seemingly geographically specific, committed against other black males, who more than likely know each other personally. This reality removes any reasonable argument for stand-your-ground laws, concealed weapons laws, open carry laws, and let's-allow-guns-in-schools-parks-churches-and-bars laws.

Wednesday, February 18, 2015

Gunloon Stands Her Ground Against Own Breasts

Christina Bond (Facebook)Law enforcement officials in Michigan said that they learned this week that an elected Republican official who had recently shot herself to death had been adjusting her bra holster when the accident occurred.

Earlier this year, St. Joseph Public Safety officers reported that 55-year-old Christina Bond had died on New Years Day from what appeared to be a self-inflicted gunshot wound to her eye.

Darwinism in Action

When gunloons collide:

LAS VEGAS  -- Police say the woman killed in a road rage shooting went home first before heading back out to find the suspect.
Metro Police held a news conference Tuesday to go over the timeline that led up to the Feb. 12 shooting in a northwest neighborhood that resulted in the death of 44-year-old Tammy Meyers.
According to police, Meyers had been teaching her daughter to drive. As the two were driving home, a car sped up behind them. The teen, who was a passenger, reached over and honked the horn. The driver of the silver sedan pulled in front of the Meyers' car and got out of the car to confront Tammy. Police said, there was an exchange of words that frightened Meyers which prompted them to drive to their home.
Meyers asked her daughter to go into the house and get her 22-year-old son to come outside. Meyers' son brought a gun, police said. 
The two, according to police, drove around to find the driver of the silver sedan, which they did do. Police said, the driver in the silver sedan followed Meyers and her son to their house. It was at that point the shooting occurred. Meyers, the mother of four, was struck in the head. 

Frank Zappa - Trouble Every Day

Frank Zappa - Mom & Dad

Missouri Gun Deaths Surpass Vehicle Deaths in 2013, Part of National Trend

Local news reports

Motor vehicle deaths long have been the leading nonmedical cause of death across the country.
Not in Missouri in 2013.

Firearms proved more deadly, and by a wide margin — 880 to 781 — according to the most recent federal data available. And Missouri appears to be a harbinger of things to come.

Some experts predict that for the first time in decades, firearms will kill more people nationwide this year than motor vehicles.

Read more here:

Who Is to Blame for Black Student Arrests in San Fransisco

Conservative Headlines

Right in the heart of multicultural paradise is a disturbing trend. Blacks make up a very small percentage of San Francisco Public School school children, but a huge majority of children being arrested at school. 

For the first half of the 2014-2015 school year, blacks accounted for 8% of students, but 73% of students arrested at school.

37 students were arrested at school so far this school year, and 27 were black. The local NAACP is demanding action. School board member Shamann Walton, who is black, and Vice President Matt Haney, who is white, claim there is a history of treating blacks more harshly for the same offense.

The NAACP is also complaining that the staff is too white. District staff is 37% white and administrators are 43% white. However, San Francisco is 48% white. White are underrepresented in District staff compared to their population as a whole in the city. Most whites are having few children and sending them to private schools.

Tuesday, February 17, 2015

Guns Don't Kill People, People Kill People

"Guns don't kill people"

Open Carry T-Shirt

Concealed Carry Reciprocity

Texas Sen. John Cornyn says lax gun laws should apply to New York and all the other states. 
Texas Sen. John Cornyn says lax gun laws should apply to New York and all the other states.

NY Daily News

A Texas Republican’s bid to force all states to accept the lax gun laws of the country’s most firearm-friendly states has New Yorkers up in arms.

Sen. John Cornyn, the Senate’s second-ranking Republican, introduced a “concealed-carry reciprocity” bill Thursday.

A top priority for the National Rifle Association, the measure would force states like New York with relatively strict gun laws to allow individuals who have concealed-carry privileges in their home state to pack heat.

Under the measure, gun owners would have to comply with concealed-carry laws in any state they visit. But the bill requires that states honor other states’ loose laws for buying guns — so that a person who would be barred from buying a gun in New York would be allowed to carry one here if their home state permits the acquisition.

For instance, a stalking conviction would bar a person from owning in a gun in many states. But stalkers can buy weapons in New Hampshire.

Strict Gun Control in Europe Powerless to Prevent or Responsible for the Rarity of Spree Shootings


According to the UK Guardian, the first of the two shootings took place at 3:30 pm on February 14, and the second came shortly after midnight. In total, two civilians were killed and five police officers were wounded. PET intelligence head Jeds Madsen said the gunman may have taken his cue from “militant Islamist propaganda issued by [ISIS] and other terror organizations.”

We saw this same thing in Paris, where strict gun control laws were no hindrance to the terrorists who struck Charlie Hebdo headquarters, gunning down civilians and police officers alike.

The Sydney School of Public Health’s GunPolicy.Org lists Denmark’s gun regulations as “restrictive.” For example, “the acquisition, possession, and transfer of each privately held firearm” must be recorded and “retained by an official register.” Ammunition sales are also registered/recorded.

Moreover, to own a gun in the first place, you have to be a “licensed gun owner,” because gun ownership is “a right not protected by law.” Part of getting that license includes justifying your need for firearm, and that is followed by stringent criminal background and mental health checks, among other things.

GunPolicy.Org lists France’s gun regulation as “restrictive” as well, yet attackers in neither country were stopped by gun control measures.

On January 19, Breitbart News reported that French police admitted gun control was hurting their ability to perform as law enforcement officers and said they wanted to go from a lax policy on firearms to one more focused on armed readiness. The Associated Press reported that this change included a request to issue police “more” guns and “heavier” guns.

Like the Washington Times, Breitbart cannot report a story without  twisting it beyond recoggnition.  The extreme rarity of these incidents in Denmark and France is the real story.  The way strict gun control has nearly eliminated these tragedies, that's the real story.

An interesting side note in the story is in the final paragraph.  Police and military do indeed need heavier firepower than civilians are allowed in order to cope with that occasional and exceptional situation.

Monday, February 16, 2015

Barack Hussein Obama – The Worst (Blackest) U.S. President Ever!

Barack Hussein Obama 

--( I won’t be around to see it, but I have little doubt that future historians and others will conclude that President Barack Hussein Obama was the worst President ever to serve in that office.

The reason is simple enough. His decisions on domestic and foreign affairs have already demonstrated his astonishing incompetence. His major contribution may in fact be to ensure that the voters elect conservatives in the next two or more elections to come. If he is remembered for anything it well may be the emergence of the Tea Party movement whose influence has been seen over the course of two midterm elections.

20-Year-old North Carolina Man Charged in Dad's Shooting

Durwood Langley(Left) and son Nicholas Langley(Right)

Local news reports 

The Pitt County Medical Examiner says Durwood Langley, 49, died due to his injuries sustained during a Thursday morning shooting.

Nicholas Langley, 20, has been charged with assault with a deadly weapon with intent to kill and inflict seriously injury in the early morning shooting of his father Durwood. Pitt County Sheriff's Office spokeswoman Christy Wallace said the shooting happened around 2 a.m. on the 6100 block of Weyerhaeuser Road in Grifton.

Deputies said Nicholas Langley claimed he accidentally shot his father one time at their shared home. Wallace said no one else was injured during the incident. However, the victim's wife and daughter were also inside the home at the time.

After a day of investigating the claim of accidental shooting, detectives with the Pitt County Sheriff's Office obtained warrants for the charges. He is also being charged with misdemeanor larceny of property belonging to the Grifton Police Department. He was placed under a $1,000,000 secured bond.

Crime Rates in Chicago Plummet (After IL Implements Concealed Carry?)

 Ben Swann

According to The Washington Timesnow that citizens in Chicago can legally defend themselves, the city’s historically disastrous crime rates have begun to plummet precipitously. Police department crime statistics note that, in the first quarter of 2014, the homicide rate in Chicago has dropped to a 56-year low. In 2014 so far, burglaries are down by 20%, auto theft rates have dropped by 26%, and robberies leading to arrests are down by 20%.

The Chicago Police Department wasted no time in declaring victory and claiming credit for the drop in crime, but Illinois State Rifle Association executive director Richard Pearson told The Washington Times, “The police department hasn’t changed a single tactic — they haven’t announced a shift in policy or of course — and yet you have these incredible numbers.” He feels that the drop in crime can at least in part be attributed to the implementation of concealed carry in Illinois. Said Pearson, “It isn’t any coincidence crime rates started to go down when concealed carry was permitted. Just the idea that the criminals don’t know who’s armed and who isn’t has a deterrence effect.”

It never fails.  When the Washington Times reports it you can be sure there's a major spin.  How, for example, could the decline in burglaries be explained by the increase in concealed carry? 

Cities Where Crime Is Plummeting

24/7 Wall St.

The prevalence of violent crime — which includes murder, rape, robbery, and aggravated assault — has declined in many of the nation’s metropolitan areas. In some regions it has fallen at an especially fast pace. In Dubuque, Iowa, the violent crime rate fell by nearly 60% — from 387.2 cases per 100,000 people in 2009 to 159.8 cases per 100,000 people in 2013. Based on figures published by the Federal Bureau of Investigation (FBI), these are the metropolitan areas with the greatest declines in the violent crime rate.

John Roman, senior fellow at the Urban Institute, explained that crime rates in the United States have fluctuated dramatically for decades. Crime increased in the 1960s and 1970s, for example, and then declined everywhere in the 1990s until it became stable. “About midway through the last decade, [however], crime started to decline again, only this time, it declined in some places, but not in others,” Roman said. The question is why crime rates decline in some areas but not in others.

The area’s economy and economic segregation account in part for the diversity in crime levels. For example, most of the metropolitan areas with plummeting crime rates also had relatively low unemployment rates. Seven of the 10 areas had lower unemployment rates than the national rate of 7.4% in 2013. However, none of these places were especially wealthy. In fact, the median household income exceeded the national figure of $52,250 in 2013 in only Racine, Wisconsin.

According to Roman, how well a metro area attracts young residents — who may not have had time to earn large incomes — is more important than high incomes in some cases. “Places that bring new people to a city tend to experience the biggest crime declines,” Roman said. And while “the biggest predictor of crime is having lots of young men in dense proximation,” many of the places with plummeting crime rates happen to be college towns, which attract high concentrations of young people. A university encourages growth and innovation, for example. And increasingly, universities promote integration with the community, which has a positive overall effect on a town. Nine of the metropolitan areas where crime is plummeting were home to at least one university.

1. Dubuque, IA
> 5-year change in violent crime rate: -58.7%
> Violent crime per 100,000 (2009): 387.2
> Violent crime per 100,000 (2013): 159.8
> Murders per 100,000 (2013): 0.0

No metropolitan area reviewed had a greater drop in violent crime than Dubuque, Iowa. Less than 160 violent crimes were reported per 100,000 residents in 2013, down nearly 60% from 2009 when more than 387 crimes were reported per 100,000 people. Like only a handful of U.S. metropolitan areas, there were zero murders in Dubuque in 2013. Other crimes were similarly infrequent. Dubuque had an aggravated assault rate of just 104 per 100,000 people, for example, less than half the national rate of 229 per 100,000 Americans in 2013. The job market was also exceptionally strong that year, with an unemployment rate of just 4.5%. By contrast, 7.4% of the nation’s workforce was unemployed.

Sunday, February 15, 2015

Indiana 5-Year-old Dead - Charges?

Las Vegas Raod Rage Shooting - Son of Victim Returns Fire

Tragic: Mother-of-four Tammy Meyers, 44, was shot in the head in an apparent road rage attack on Thursday
Mother-of-four Tammy Meyers, 44, was shot in the head in an apparent road rage attack on Thursday

The Daily Mail

A mother teaching her 14-year-old daughter to drive has been shot in the head in an apparent road-rage attack in Las Vegas.

Police believe the shooter followed 44-year-old Tammy Meyers and her youngest daughter home from a school parking lot on Thursday before opening fire.

Mrs Meyers, 44, let her daughter take the wheel of the family's green Buick Park Avenue in a nearby school parking lot when a silver four-door sedan that had been following them passed and hit the brakes, Robert Meyers said.

She steered around the car and continued driving home. Meyers said she sent their daughter into the house before the shooting. He described the girl as emotionally distraught.

Meyers said their adult son emerged from their house and fired several shots with a handgun at the fleeing car.

Chapel Hill Muslim Family Killer Had At Least 12 Guns, Huge Stash Of Ammo

Craig Stephen Hicks

Huffington Post

Search warrants show the suspect in the shooting deaths of three Muslim college students in North Carolina had a stash of a dozen firearms in the home he shared with his wife, along with a large cache of ammunition.

Records filed in Durham County Superior Court on Friday list items recovered by police from the Chapel Hill condominium of Craig Stephen Hicks, the 46-year-old charged with three counts of murder.

The warrants show four handguns recovered from the Hicks home, in addition to a pistol the suspect had with him when arrested. The warrants also list two shotguns and six rifles, including a military-style AR-15 carbine. Police also recovered numerous loaded magazines and cases of ammunition.

Eight spent shell-casings were found in the neighboring apartment of the young couple killed.

California 10-Year-Old Accidentally Shoots Sister With Deputy Dad's Gun

Huffington Post

Police say the 10-year-old daughter of a California sheriff's lieutenant shot her younger sister with their father's gun in an apparent accident.

Fresno Police Lt. Joe Gomez says the 8-year-old girl was shot Friday in the torso and is in stable condition.

Gomez tells the Fresno Bee ( that the girls' father was getting ready for work and had removed the magazine on his handgun before leaving it on a bed while he got ready for work.

He says the 10-year-old grabbed the gun and discharged a bullet left in the chamber hitting the younger girl.

Gomez says the lieutenant immediately called 911 for an ambulance and notified Fresno police.
Madera County Sheriff Jay Varney says the gun used was the employee's service weapon and that the officer would not be placed on paid administrative leave.