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Meet the Dooley Family

The Dooley family: Cameron, Todd, Landon, Lori, and

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U.S. Shootings Since 1963 Have Killed More Americans Than All Wars Ever

Here's what PolitiFact discovered:
  • From the Revolutionary War through December 2014, 1.2 million Americans have died in military conflicts, according to the Congressional Research Service.
  • A 2012 report by a Binghamton University historian estimated a 20 percent higher death toll from the Civil War, which would push total deaths in military conflicts to 1.4 million.
  • By contrast, domestic gun deaths from 1968 to 2014 add up to nearly 1.5 million. 
  • Some 63 percent of those gun deaths were suicides, and 33 percent were homicides. 
  • PolitiFact could not find data for gun deaths before 1968. Add in the missing years, and the total number of firearm fatalities since JFK's death would surely be higher than 1.5 million.

Thursday, January 28, 2016

Air Force tells brass they can OK guns on base, citing 2015 shooting that left 5 dead

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A review of active shooter cases by the Air Force has confirmed what gun rights advocates have long been saying: Firearms in the hands of good guys are often the best bet for stopping massacres.
The military branch earlier this month sent out a letter to its base commanders around the nation reminding them that they can authorize subordinates to carry guns, even while off-duty and out of uniform. It also established three programs to help ensure that armed service members are in a position to protect their bases.
"None of these programs gives the installation commander authorizations they didn't already have the authorization to do," Maj. Keith Quick, the Air Force Security Forces Integrated Defense action officer, said in a statement according to "We are now formalizing it and telling them how they can use these types of programs more effectively."
“Finally, someone in the federal government is recognizing what has been obvious to sheriffs and police across the country...”
- John Lott, Crime Prevention Research Center
Let's see. Fox News is reporting it and John Lott is endorsing the idea. Hahahahaha

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Tuesday, January 26, 2016

Tennessee 7-Year-old Shot and Killed by His 8-Year-old Brother - Charges? Well Maybe, Eventually

Local news

The chief of the Crossville Police Dept. says a 7-year-old boy found shot inside a car in a parking lot Monday has died.
Officers say four children had been left in the car while their mother and step-father were inside the building a short distance away, paying a bill. The mother also left her purse with a loaded semi-automatic pistol inside.
Police say the boy's 8-year-old brother tried to unload the weapon by removing the magazine when the gun discharged, "accidentally" fired, hitting the 7-year-old boy in the head.
The boy was flown to UT Medical Center's trauma center for treatment, where he died.
Authorities say the incident appears to be an accident. The family is from the Sparta-area, in White County.
The chief of police says they will turn their findings over to the district attorney general. The Department of Children's Services is also working on the case.


Monday, January 25, 2016

Mississippi Shootout at a Gun Store Over $25 - Two Dead, Two Wounded

Local news

The owner's wife was working at the store when two customers, a man and his son, entered to pick up a firearm that had been repaired.
"There was some contention about a $25 fee," Tucker said.
In an attempt to clear up the dispute, the woman called her husband, who later arrived with his son. An argument ensued between the owners and the customers.
"During this argument, we believe there might have been some pushing and shoving," Tucker said. "One of the customers and one of the owners produced firearms. We don't know who shot first."
All four men were shot. The two customers were airlifted to a hospital with life-threatening injuries, Tucker said.

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North Carolina Good Samaritan fatally shot by man he was trying to help

A Claremont man was in the Catawba County Jail on Saturday charged with murder after he allegedly fatally shot a good Samaritan who was trying to help him after his car spun out on an icy road in the Bandys community, Sheriff Coy Reid said.
The car driven by Marvin Jacob Lee, 27, of Claremont in northeastern Catawba County, was stuck off Mathis Church Road when a passing truck with three men stopped to help about 5:20 p.m. Friday, Reid said.
Nearby neighbors came to help, too.
But when Lee allegedly became belligerant, the Samaritans decided to call police to come help him. “They thought he was drunk or on dope and said ‘let’s just call the law and let them deal with it,’ ” Reid said.
As they called, Lee took out an automatic pistol and started shooting. The Samaritans ran. A bullet struck the victim, who fell. Reid said Lee walked to the man, stood over him and shot him “numerous times.” Reid identified the victim as Jefferson Heavner, 26, of Newton.
Lee returned to his car, as deputies arrived. They shouted for him to get out. When he didn’t, they called a SWAT team, which pulled their armored truck up to Lee’s car. “They saw that he was passed out,” Reid said.
SWAT members physically pulled Lee from his car. He awoke as they struggled to pull him out and tried to resist, Reid said.

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Trump's Controversial Shooting Remark