Wednesday, May 9, 2012

Florida Lawful Gun Owner (and Possible Concealed Carry Permit Holder) Shoots Wife Several Times

Local news reports

The son of a woman shot multiple times Tuesday describes her accused shooter, his step-dad, as a “monster.”

Detectives said William A. Bolling, 72, was arguing with his wife, Vicki, 64, inside their home on 74th Circle NE in St. Petersburg when he produced a handgun and fired at least one round inside the house shortly after 2:30 p.m. Tuesday.

Police said Bolling then fired several rounds from inside the house at his fleeing wife, who had run out onto the back porch. Vicki Bolling was struck several times in the lower body.

“We saw her come running out as if she were trying to get away,” said Beth Scognamiglio, a neighbor. “We saw her collapse on the side yard and then he came out with a gun, clearly having shot her. And what seemed like forever, we saw her flailing around a little bit. Clearly, she was still alive."

Speaking to Bay News 9 outside Bayfront Medical Center where his mother was transported, the victim’s son, John Stevenson, called his step-dad a "monster."

“I’ve said it before, I’ll say it again, you don’t think Disney villains exist in real life. They do,” he said.
I repeat, when a dramatic story like this erupts onto the national news, no one is checking whether the guy has a concealed carry permit or not. At the same time, the gun-rights fanatics are telling us so few people who have those permits do stuff like this.  According to them, CCW folks are incredibly better behaved than any other group in existence.

I don't buy it. The same is said of gun owners in general. They're better behaved than average folks because they know what a grave responsibility gun ownership is, and they don't want to jeopardize their gun rights.

Although this may be true of some, or even most, it certainly didn't apply to Mr. William A. Bolling of St. Petersburg Florida, or to any of the other mopes that will make the news today.

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  1. Mikeb, you're doing it again. How do we know that this guy isn't an agent of a foreign power? Do we know if he has a subscription to the National Geographic Magazine?

    We base our claims on the behavior of carry license holders in part on the evidence that your side (the Violence Policy Center) provides. You're trying to smear license holders by suggesting, without proof, that this goblin has a license. (And yes, given his behavior, he's a goblin.)

    1. I'm only trying to refute those ridiculous claims about how few CCW holders get in trouble. I'm not saying all of them are bad or even most, but those stats that have been floating around are bogus.

    2. Refutation requires logic and evidence, of which you have neither. What evidence do you have that license holders are committing more crimes than get credited to them? Your feelings on the subject count for nothing.

    3. It's not a feeling, Greg. It's a logical conclusion.

    4. Based on what? I keep asking you what evidence you have, and you dodge the question. You can't just say that it makes sense. That's another dodge. What's your evidence?