Sunday, August 8, 2010

Beck, O'Reilly and Stephen King


  1. I'm a huge King fan, met him a few times, seen him around my college campus a lot (FYI if he wasn't so humble the University of Maine could be called "King University" for all the money he's thanklessly donated to it)

    That being said, it's pretty laughable people taking a man who writes twisted, violent, and bizarre stories, and letting him write on real-world topics and expect anybody to take him seriously.

    It would be like me writing a blog post on dancing...I just have no connection to it, so how could my points be at all relevant.

    Then again, this blog is fairly reality challenged. But I guess that's why we read and laugh!

  2. Weer'd Beard, I could agree with you more. I tell MikeB countless times that posting videos of mainstream media outlets only perpetuates their power and influence and negates the power the Internet and independent blogs offer.
    While a friend of mine tells me that I should watch more television shows like Glen Beck to get a more balanced view, I tell that friend that I will not waste my time watching a man who never finished college. Instead, I will use that same time reading books written by academic scholars.

  3. I think if it wasn't for lefties watching Glenn Beck just so they can yell at the screen, he wouldn't have a show.

    Just like if it wasn't for pro-gun people reading this blog, it wouldn't exist.

  4. Actually, Weerd, it's interesting that you should criticize King for critiqueing your heroes Neck and O'Reilly. You seem to be saying that because King is known for his political expertise (he's just a bestselling author) he has no standing.

    Yet, most gunloons are incapable and ignorant of the safe use and maintenance of firearms--still, they all talk as if they're experts.

    I'm not a particular fan of King's. But his On Writing is a masterful work.

    BTW, Glenn Beck's novel is largely plagiarized.

  5. Jade you're hilarious how you claw for relevance!

  6. "Jade you're hilarious how you claw for relevance!"


    That is not fair to Jade. He seldom lets relevance get in the way of his posting.

  7. Glenn Beck never finished an undergraduate degree, so it is not surprising he is accused of plagiarzed the books that have his name on the cover. He is the classic example of a straw man.

  8. I happen to think Stephen King is a great writer. His mind is an inexhaustible source of ideas and plots. Did you ever read The Stand. If that were his only work, he'd be a great writer.