Sunday, August 8, 2010

Groton Man Sentenced reports on the sentencing of a gun offender in Connecticut.

A Groton man was sentenced Friday to 14 years in prison in connection with an incident in which he pointed a gun at a Groton Town police officer at the Time Out Sports Cafe on Oct. 30, 2008.

Police Officer Bridget Nordstrom had testified that she and four other officers went to the Route 12 bar after a confidential informant told her in text messages and a phone conversation that Carter had a gun and was going to "pop a white dude."

Nordstrom said Carter pointed the gun at her for several seconds when she entered the bar. The officers subdued Carter after a scuffle that lasted about 10 seconds. They recovered a Jennings .22-caliber pistol, its magazine loaded with five rounds of ammunition, from his right pocket.

Now, I'm all for tough sentencing for gun offenders and all that, but to read this story on the same day as the Philadelphia cop getting off who shot wildly into a building eleven times, actually wounding people in the chaos, is a bit discouraging.

Cops doing wrong get one set of standards. Civilians doing wrong get another, especially if they do that wrong to cops, and especially if they're black and the cops are white.

Is that too cynical? What do you think?

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  1. There was also racism on the part of the black dude.

    I don't think its too cynical. Police, while they have a dangerous and often thankless job, are drifting away from the public servant role and seem more like the feudal Samurai, a privileged class that carries weapons and can kill the common man with impunity.

    Ironically, the roots of Japanese gun control come from this era, when the Samurai realized that the common man was equally, ir not more effective as the warrior class when they are allowed to bear firearms.

    At one point the Japanese were armed with more firearms per capita than any other country in Europe. Japan quickly reversed course and became "gun free".

  2. New guy here, saw a couple of articles and became interested. And on that note...

    Read the article, the only mention of race was by the informant and I think he was just trying to describe the sitution.

    This guy had drugs on him as well, I didn't read the philly cop thing but anyone who points a gun at a cop should have his head checked out, I don't care if it is a 22 and the guy aims at the officers pinky toe.

  3. Anonymous, That's one of the best examples I've seen yet of the grandiose delusions some of you guys enjoy. You gun owners, by fighting gun control, are going to stop the police from becoming like the feudal Samurai.

    It's either grandiose victimism or just plain grandiose delusions with you guys.