Monday, August 9, 2010

Scranton Man Sentenced

The reports on the sentencing.

A Scranton man who shoved a loaded gun in his estranged wife's mouth and pulled the trigger only to have it misfire was sentenced to eight to 20 years in state prison Wednesday by Lackawanna County Judge Vito Geroulo.

What a guy! I suppose in the local coverage of this story there were lots of details which are missing here. One thing for sure, he's not the kind of guy who should have a gun. I wonder if there was anything in his background that indicated that.

I guess we covered his type in the Famous 10%, either among the substance abusers, the domestic abusers or the plain old rageaholics.

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  1. Good thing he didn't use the pillow. Or rope.

    Famous 10%. Is that like the famous 50% of marriages that end in divorce without incident?

    Heck, with marriages failing at such an absurd rate, perhaps we need background checks, mandatory training, and mandatory waiting periods before issuing marriage licences.

    Even this case was a failed marriage. I bet marriage ruins far mroe lives than guns. Think fo the children!

    Fo/of: Freudian slip? Sure smells of nanyism.

    "Although young people are disproportionately represented on both sides of the knife, or gun, it is important to consider their experiences as part of a larger picture of violence in America...Violence does not drop out of the sky. It is part of a long developmental process that begins in early home." American Psychological Association

    A third of all women's injuries coming into our emergency rooms are no accident. Most are the result of deliberate, premeditated acts of violence. And frequently they occur over and over until the woman is killed. (Dr. Kevin Fullin, American Medical Association)

  2. He was a CCW holder, an NRA Board Member and an Imperial Wizard for the Klan, mark Jade's words.