Wednesday, August 11, 2010

3 Dead in PA - Murder / Suicide

The Pittsburgh Tribune Review reports on the latest murder-suicide.

Marital strife might have led a man to fatally shoot his wife and her friend before killing himself, authorities said.

Vladimir Von Fisher, 42, of Monessen opened fire on his estranged wife Maedee Von Fisher, 39, and Nicholas Mascetta, 44, both of Monessen, about 9 p.m. outside the Westgate Manor apartment complex on Donner Avenue, Monessen police Chief Mark Gibson said.

Witnesses told police that Mascetta, who used a wheelchair, was sitting with Maedee Von Fisher under the pavilion when Vladimir Von Fisher walked down a hillside with his girlfriend, pulled a handgun and began shooting, Gibson said.

Guess what they didn't report anything about - the gun. They didn't say whether the shooter owned the gun legally or if he'd had a license to carry it concealed. This is what often happens when murder and suicide are the attention-getters. No one is counting anything other than the bodies.

Then John Lott comes along and says in a certain area or a certain state or over a certain period of time, only .000007% of concealed carry permits were revoked. And the pro-gun crowd all jump up and cheer.

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  1. Obviously he had to be a CCW holder because criminals hell bent on committing murder always carry their firearms only as prescribed by law. They wouldn't want to be caught breaking a law when they go out to commit murder--they have a reputation to uphold.

    He was also a racist and an NRA member, mark Jade's words.

  2. FWM once more demonstrates the Gunloon Paradox™. The Gunloon Paradox™ states that all gunloons are law-abiding citizens until they aren't. Thus, gunloons can never be criminals.

  3. Uh, by definition isn't everyone law abiding until they stop abiding by laws?

  4. Yes, but in the case of gun owners, it's somehow more sinister, you understand, because, you know, they have GUNS!

  5. MikeB, do you think the reporter would bother to state “the shooter did not have a permit to carry a concealed weapon”? What other facts that didn’t happen should the media mention?

  6. Should have used a knife.

    Then there would have been fewer witnessed and he could have used the "glove didn't fit" defense.

  7. No, TS, I don't think the reporter should report or omit anything. That's my point. No one is counting this perticular thing which Lott and others make such a big deal out of.