Wednesday, October 13, 2010

Commenting Moderation Back On

Here's an anonymous comment very similar to about a dozen I've deleted in just the last two days. I've responded to this issue in a post last year, you can read it here. Apparently, our obsessed friend thinks he's harming me by asking questions over and over again that he knows I won't answer. The inevitable result of all this, as he probably planned, is that comment moderation is going back on.  I suppose this fine example of the pro-gun camp considers that a victory too. 

So Mikey,

No comment on why you owned guns?

Was it to avoid fights or to use the firearms in fights?

Did you illegally carry them?

Come on, talk to us. Unless you've murdered someone, the statute of limitations is up.

Just why did you go through the trouble of breaking the law to own firearms?
One of the things that I noticed is for a guy who claims to have all the winning answers, backed up by stats, of course, these are pretty shabby victories to spend so much time winning. But win he did. I refused to answer many many questions, I began deleting comments again, and now, the biggest victory of all, I'm putting back the comment moderation function.

Another thing is that, without comparing IP addresses, this guy's style is very familiar. I'm banned from his blog, as I am from many others.  Of course they can explain it till you're blue in the face, but I find it truly amusing that these self-proclaimed supporters of freedom and rights ban people from their blogs and engage in campaigns to get others to do so as well.

If you're interested you can look at the old and new Commenting Policies.  My way of handling it will be more or less the same.  Back then I remember another campaign was waged against me by this same character and a few of his friends.  That was the "child pornography" one, which came in the form of scores of seemingly innocent suggestions that I'm responsible for child porn, if gun owners are responsible for gun crime, which I sometimes argue. After a while it began to seem they were trying to smear my name by associating it over and over again day after day with that most abhorred crime against children.  When that became abundantly clear, I started moderating for the first time.

So, here we go again.  If you think I've mistakenly rejected a comment please resend it or shoot me an e-mail.

Of course you're more than welcome to comment on this post too.


  1. I don't blame you since I think the people who are commenting are indeed ones who have been banned.

    My reason for moving to wordpress was to be able to block comments. The best move I made since it resulted in "quality" comments.

  2. Just curious, is this site going to turn into an echo chamber like Laci's blog or Japete's blog where most of the dissenting posts don't see the light of day?

  3. Whether I agree or disagree with your commenting policy is immaterial as it is your blog and you can do as you wish. I have comment moderation on right now just because of the tons and tons of spam I am receiving as comments.

    One thing my blog software does though is allow me to set regular commentors to where they are automatically pass moderation. Maybe that is an option here?

    I say that because the difference in time zones sometimes retards** your comments because of the time it takes to be approved and respond.

    **Note- "retards" as in slows downs or dampers the responses. (not to be confused with the way comments are retarded by Jade Gold of course).

  4. Anonymous, you are free to post on my blog if you can offer intelligent and constructive comments.

  5. Anonymous, you are free to post on my blog if you can offer intelligent and constructive comments.

    Which in Laci's world means "anything I agree with."

    Anything else, especially anything which might make him look bad or expose his lies & bigotry is deemed not to be "intelligent and constructive."

    Thus, unless you're a raving lefists who agrees with him (or a fellow violent bigot who wants to murder gun owners) there's absolutely no point in commenting at his blog.

    Then again I think Laci enjoys his echo chamber. Anything else would be far too damaging to his ego.

  6. this is a good plan, mikeb. The gun guys are really active and rude lately. They think your blog is theirs and that they can bully you into submission. Moderating them not only makes them angry but it's the only way to go.

  7. Anon, posts like that are not constructive. You are not helping either side of the debate with snide comments, merely wasting time and energy. That's why the moderation is going back up, not to preserve some "echo chamber" that never existed here on MikeB's blog.

  8. Not at all. I only require that any comment is reasoned and intelligent. If you can't come up with reasoned discourse, you won't make it on my blog.

  9. BTW, I have a feeling that Anon. is Mike W.

    Poor grammar and spelling:
    unless you're a raving lefists who agrees with him

    Still upset about poster girl Meleanie Hain:
    fellow violent bigot who wants to murder gun owners

    Misuse of the term "Bigot" which is "a person obstinately or intolerantly devoted to his or her own opinions and prejudices". I am open to persuasion, but I have yet to come by a good argument.

    Additionally, I do not force my opinions upon you.

    Quite frankly, Anon doesn't read my blog or he would notice that I do allow comments from opposing viewpoints, which again confirms my belief that it is probably Mike W.

    Mike W. doesn't need to bother trying to post since he is blocked from posting. My reasons are the same as the other blogs which Mike W. has been banned from posting: inane and obnoxious comments.

  10. I would also add that the comment:
    turn into an echo chamber like Laci's blog or Japete's blog where most of the dissenting posts don't see the light of day?

    Points to Mike W.

    Per Japete:
    To all who are reading my posts: Mike W. has posted 6 of the most offensive and inane comments yet received by me on this blog. I will no longer post his comments but I will keep them in my files as an example of how rude and perjorative some of the gun guys get while trying to intimidate people about the gun issue. If any elected leader wants to know why they should not believe what they hear from the NRA, Mike is a prime example of the type of hyperbolic rhetoric that should not be considered valid in this "discussion".

    Let's say, I'm a little less polite about my estimation of Mike W.'s intelligence or lack thereof.

  11. Typical gunloons.

    They say they want "reasoned discourse."

    Of course, this really means 'agree with me or else.'

  12. That's funny, I thought your side had a monopoly on that line of reasoning.

  13. I hope you realize, even without paying attention to IP addresses, that I'm not the one leaving the comments that have apparently provoked the policy change. This comment is the closest I've come to that subject, and it is, if I recall correctly, the only comment I've made on the subject (because I consider that dead horse to be more or less adequately flogged).

    Like FWM, I acknowledge that your comment policy, on your own blog, is entirely your prerogative, and that you don't need my approval. That said, blogs that moderate comments are simply not interesting to me, so I don't imagine we'll be seeing much of one another.

    And no--I'm not trying to be dramatic, with the expectation that you'll beg me to stay--I don't expect to be missed. You seem to do pretty well at generating traffic, even if much of it is people who simply can't turn away from watching the trainwreck of Jadefool's and Laci the Ambulance-Chasing Dog's posts/comments. Howard Stern gets a lot of listeners, too, after all.

    In the end, at least we can apparently agree that Jimi Hendrix rawked. Guess that's something.

  14. Kevin H., Thanks so much for what you said.

    Zorro, Not for one moment did I think you were doing the pusillanimous business of sending me harassing comments anonymously. In fact if my site allowed exceptions to the moderation rule, like FWM's does, you'd be among the first on that list.

    Now, you put me in a difficult position. I'm forced to throw pride and caution to the wind and beg. I'm begging you to make an exception to your policy about blogs that moderate. Pleeeease reconsider. You're just too much fun around here.

    Seriously though, I hope you know I have a great deal of respect for you, even though we disagree on most things. I respect you and the way you present yourself, the not involving yourself in this annoying business is just part of it.

    If you do stop commenting please visit once in a while. I have a feeling the moderation won't be permanent and you're always welcome here.

  15. That's why the moderation is going back up, not to preserve some "echo chamber" that never existed here on MikeB's blog.

    Kevin. If you'll re-read my comment you'll see that I was referring to Laci's blog not this one.

  16. Laci - Still not Mike W., but I'll take it as a compliment that you think I am.

    What is it with you & Guy Cabot assuming that every anonymous poster is Mike W.? Obsessed much?