Sunday, October 10, 2010

Follow-Up on the Illinois - Indiana Shooter

The other day the shooter was at large and it was unclear if the bloodshed had come to an end.

Relatives and coworkers of a small-town police officer charged in a Midwestern shooting spree that killed one man and wounded two others say they're baffled by the cop's bizarre behavior and arrest.

Brian Dorian, a 37-year-old police officer in Lynwood, Ill., was arrested Friday and charged with first-degree murder. Three days earlier, he allegedly drove his blue pickup truck up to his would-be victims in two rural towns on opposite sides of the Illinois-Indiana border, asking them odd questions about honey bees or construction materials -- before pulling a gun and opening fire.

Friends and neighbors described Dorian as a friendly man who loves baseball and bow hunting, and dotes on his niece.
In fact they go further than the usual overtures surprise and shock. Close relatives said it can't be him that there must be a mistake.

What do you think about this fascinating case?

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  1. Well, he may or may not be an NRA member or CCW holder as some of your supporters facetiously claimed, but he certainly falls into the group that you all seem to believe are responsible enough to possess and carry firearms (LEOs), while us little people can't be trusted with them.

  2. Wrong Colin. I don't think cops are all responsible any more than I think you "little people" are.

  3. "Close relatives said it can't be him that there must be a mistake.

    What do you think about this fascinating case?"

    I think most people say that about their relatives/friends. How many times have we heard about somebody who did something horrible, and their relative/friends are on the TV telling us how he was just turning his life around, or on his way to choir practice, or wouldn't hurt a fly.

    They're stuck in the denial stage at that point. They'll eventually move through anger to acceptance. Or not.

  4. So Mike, you want to disarm the cops? If so, we might actually agree on that.

  5. No, I don't want to disarm the cops any more than I want to disarm gun owners. I would like to see much stricter standards in both groups. That way we can disarm the worst of both without significantly harming the rest and their ability to do their job or protect their families.