Tuesday, October 12, 2010

The San Diego School Shooting

Flying Junior sent us the link to this eye-witness description of the events.

I would imagine the pro-gun crowd will say if there'd been armed good guys around the shooter would have been stopped even sooner. What's your opinion?

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  1. > Construction workers building a school cafeteria chased the gunman. Police said Carlos Partida jumped in his pickup truck and rammed the man, knocking him down. He and two other workers, Mario Contreras and Steven Kane, held the man for police, authorities said.

    I'm pretty sure bullets travel faster than construction worker's trucks.

  2. How we can prevent this type of senseless violence? Little girls on a playground. Thank God they weren’t killed. It’s just a difference of a few centimeters. Imagine the horror.

    Posting armed guards in key locations would be cost-prohibitive at best. A well-armed, citizen’s peace brigade? It's got to be that it's just too easy for guys like this to get ahold of a gun. Guns are too cheap and plentiful. We can do a lot more to limit the manufacture of guns. We can impose stiff fines on the dealers, vendors and makers who are supplying this underground railroad of firearms. Give the mules twenty years. Jail the dealers and sales reps. Gun buybacks. Tax the shit out of ‘em. Drive the price up. Tax ammunition.

    Bottom line, make it a lot harder and more expensive to own and fire weapons. Reduce the overall number of weapons in the U.S. That’s the only way gun violence can ever decrease.

    I love gun guys tinkering around with their grandfather’s Winchester or a beautiful six-shooter. It’s no different than working on cars or musical instruments. It’s great.

  3. Or, instead, we could jail the people that break the law, giving them massive sentences that keep them behind bars, and locked away from society, since they have proven themselves unfit to live in it.

    The added bonus is, that we can then relax restrictions on firearms, because the whole reason we have those infringements in the first place is because "bad people" might buy guns. Well, if the "bad people" are in jail serving a 40-60 year sentence for knocking over the liquor store, they can't very well be out and about buying guns can they? And if they are in jail for committing a crime, they can't be out re-offending. Instead, they'll get to live out their lives in a six by six room they share with a roommate.

    Crazy, I know! Locking up the criminals and letting the rest of the people live like free people? Who'd ever agree with that?!

  4. The good guys were armed... With a motor vehicle; The deadliest weapon of all.