Saturday, October 16, 2010

New Zealand's Air Rifles

FatWhiteMan picked up on a fascinating story from New Zealand, that enlightened island nation that knows common sense laws.

Certain types of air-guns are going to require a license to own and operate.  That has nothing to do with banning anything, lest anyone is tempted to jump on that bandwagon. This is about reasonable restrictions to reduce crime.

From 12am today these guns can only be possessed by a person at least 16 years old and the holder of a firearms licence, or a person under the supervision of a licence holder. Owners of air rifles affected by the change will have three months to obtain a firearms licence or dispose of the air rifle.

The change would apply to pre-charged pneumatic (PCP) air rifles which have been described as the weapon of choice for criminals. It would not apply to older-style spring-powered airguns or air guns powered by CO2 cartridges, BB guns or paintball guns.

“This change will mean that violent criminals can no longer walk in off the street and buy a class of airgun that can have similar power to a firearm,” [Police Minister Judith] Collins says.
What's your opinion? Did anyone notice the Police Minister is named Judy Collins and the acronym for the type of gun is PCP? Any other 70s references and I'd begin to think this whole thing was satire. How about you?

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  1. Sounds like a miserable place.

    I'm glad I live in a free country where the sheep sleep in peace and air rifles are as easy to buy as any other household tool.

  2. I still love the phrase "weapon of choice" for criminals. I thought the pump shotgun was the "weapon of choice". No wait, before that it was the semi auto rifle that was the "weapon of choice". Didn't the same government say just a few months ago that handguns were the "weapon of choice"?

    Those New Zealand criminals sure are a fickle lot.

  3. News? Great Britain passed similar legislation a while back. Even the Gat is now somewhat regulated and hard to find.

    As I mentioned, The Gat was used as a murder weapon in an episode of Dalziell and Pascoe, which seriously stretched credibility. I can't imagine anything more than a big red blob if someone was hit by one.

  4. News? Great Britain passed similar legislation a while back. Even the Gat is now somewhat regulated and hard to find.

    That is excellent news. I'm sure it helped tremendously to lower the violent crime rate in Great Britain. What's that, the violent crime rate has not gone down?