Thursday, October 14, 2010

Who's Next

Laci posted an interesting and humorous video which ties in to the gun debate. But, after watching the video which really is "rubbish" I needed to watch something great.


  1. Yeah, somebody needs to make a better video of "Yanks with Guns", but.

    Somehow, the progun crowd gets fooled again and again: e.g. Linoge claiming that the 5-4 Heller decision with its two dissents was "unanimous". That's using a new meaning of the word since "unanimous" means without dissent.

    But, the pro-gun position is pretty much one that is not a very thought out or critical of its own arguments.

    But, hypercritical of anyone who questions those arguments: hence the Bellesisle-Lott weirdness.

  2. That "video" on Laci's site truly is awful. My ears hate you now.

    I'll counter with something watchable.

  3. RuffRidr, thanks for the link to that video. I was worth seeing again.