Thursday, October 14, 2010

Robert Farago on the Slippery Slope

We're talking about the slippery slope of paranoia.  In his very interesting essay, Robert describes what many gun owners must experience. If the chances of needing a gun to protect your life are small, but you decide to do it anyway, you've set in motion a type of thinking that in some individuals goes way beyond the line where paranoia begins.

Although he gives us a humorous and self-effacing picture of his home life with regards to guns, it sounds to me like he's well along the way on that slippery slope.  And I know he's not alone in that. Xavier the Nurse is one that I always think of in this regard, one who's long since gone right over the edge.

What's your opinion?  Please leave a comment.


  1. There are certainly those gunloons who live their lives in a state of mortal fear. Usually it's paranoia about brown people and the gubbermint.

    But for many of the CCW gunloons, it's all about the manhood issue. Many CCW gunloons claim they need to carry to protect their families. Yet, how many of these same gunloons spend 24/7/365 with those they claim to be protecting? Most wives don't carry. And kids tend to have school and social schedules that take them away from the family.

  2. I have to admit that I don't quite understand the mentality: and this is from someone who has lived in large urban areas.

    Despite the mythology, the bad guys are street savvy enough to know whose carrying.

    And dealing with criminals on a daily basis, they do not think the way normal people do. So, they are slightly less deterred than the gun crowd might like and more likely to shoot back if they have the opportunity.

  3. If we're so parinoid, why are goons like you so hell-bent to ban guns?

  4. I don't want to ban guns, I want to restrict them.

    Do you carry while in the house, Weer'd?

  5. Do you carry while in the house, Weer'd?

    Why on earth should Weer'd answer any question that you pose to him? You most certainly would not reciprocate.

  6. they do not think the way normal people do. So, they are slightly less deterred than the gun crowd might like and more likely to shoot back if they have the opportunity.

    Wow, Laci finally says something intelligent. The 1st sentence at least.

    Also, that's all the more reason to carry.

    I don't want to ban guns, I want to restrict them.

    Bullshit. You and your ilk have never seen a gun ban you didn't support. You can keep saying you don't want to ban guns, but your actions say otherwise.

  7. Laci brings up a good point.

    Gunloons tend to have a Hollywood-TV view of the world. They really believe criminals are going to confront them, engage them in some dialogue, then force them into some James Bond-Goldfinger scenario involving {{air quotes}} lasers {{/air quotes}}.

    The reality is much, much different. The vast majority of burglars don't want to engage you. They want your stuff and will almost always make sure nobody's home. BTW, guns are only second to cash on a burglar's wishlist.

    Similarly, muggers depend on the element of surprise--they don't want to give their intended victims a chance to call for help, run away, pull a weapon, or be otherwise prepared for attack.

  8. I'm certain that Weer'd does carry in the house. What use is a weapon you can't get to?
    My place was broken into 3 years ago. Unfortunately, neither the wife nor I was there (yes, she carries). Fortunately, one of the burglars died later that year in a car crash, and yes, that pleases me enormously.

  9. What did they steal, TNBud? Any guns?

  10. No need to carry in my house. The bars on my windows and doors give me enough time to get to the rifle I keep in the room with me.

  11. Az Red: You and your rifle must be very happy.

  12. We'd be happier in a world without the Brady Campaign, VPC, and the various other anti-rights lobbies.

  13. Claymore mines facing all doors and windows, plus shotguns mounted on the walls in strategic locations like the X Nurse does. Anything less is down right irresponsible. How else can you call yourselves men?

  14. It's not about manliness. And yet it is. A man takes responsibility for protecting his family. On one end of the scale, you just pay your taxes and call the cops if something bad should happen. If you can. On the other end, you're living in a bunker armed to the teeth.

    I don't think it's as steep a slippery slope as you make it out to be. Home carry is not a gateway gun. The only thing I've added to my firearms-based home defense: training. Lots of training. Including when and how NOT to shoot.

    I'm posting on that topic today. Meanwhile, rest assured that owning a gun doesn't necessarily make you a gunloon. Most gun owners are responsible people. Ish.