Saturday, October 9, 2010

B - B Guns with Breda and Weer'd

Well, the last thing I thought I'd do on a Saturday afternoon is spend an hour listening to Weer'd Beard and Breda. Their descriptions of how they became gun owners, especially Weer'd's, were quite fascinating.  Mainly I was impressed with how nice they seemed.  This came as a bit of a surprise since they've been among the nastiest internet characters I've met. Breda banned me from her blog after I questioned and criticized her gun handling in a couple videos she'd posted.  With Weer'd, I think it's his inability to accept someone not agreeing with him, not coming around to his position.

This episode of B - B Radio certainly takes perseverance, but at about 42 minutes you'll be rewarded with Breda sharing with the listeners about her gun dream that morning. This set Weer'd off on an incredible recitation of all the types of gun dreams he's had.

This first experience of mine listening to pro-gun folks yuck it up with each other, confirmed a couple of ideas I've had all along. Discovering guns to be empowering and becoming addicted to that feeling, addiction being a good word to describe the progression both of them described, fits right in with the anti-gun observation that gun owners are inadequate in some way and the guns help to compensate.  Weer'd's description of not needing the guns but knowing he'll have one handy if he ever does, perfectly illustrated this form of mental illness.  The caller from Texas who'd owned guns since age nine said he didn't have such dreams. Breda commented on that, what was it, that he'd more completely absorbed the culture, or something.

Gun-rights advocates often claim that having moved from the liberal "anti-gun" camp to the other side of the divide lends credibility to their position. I believe it's the exact opposite. Shooting guns is exhilarating and empowering, it can be a compensating mechanism for psychological lacunae, such as in the case of Breda and Weer'd (but apparently not in the case of that caller from Texas). Many people are seduced to make the move from the anti-gun camp to the pro-gun camp. What's less common and much more difficult is to move the other way, to have had experience with firearms and decide they're bad news. That's the thing that lends credibility to one's argument.

The other thing is the dreams. Gun owners, who start out compensating for inadequacy, often experience a lively fantasy life. They dream, waking and sleeping, of using their guns, of saving the day, of fighting off the evil bad guys. This is part of the addiction, or if you will, the illness. The more a gun owner does the less fit he is for owning guns. Many of these folks are downright dangerous and something should be done about them, which is where sensible but strict gun control laws come in.

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  1. Mikeb: great analysis.

    Most gunloons will pretend to be the nicest people until they find out you don't share or appreciate their obsession with gunloonery. Then they revert to their true selves.

    And you nailed the point that all will claim to have been liberal, progressive and anti-gun until....{{insert great awakening}} BTW, many conservatives also use this ploy--it's an old marketing scheme. I used to be {{insert whatever}} but then I came to understand {{insert great wisdom}} It shows that you've been on both sides and now know which is better. Such tactics are used to sell religion, cars, peanut butter, etc. It's called creating empathy.

    It's unsurprising they dream of gunloonery; after, all, guns are what define them--make them feel respected and serve as the basis for their limited personal relationships.

  2. let's see, I've been around guns for 43 years now. "Gun culture" to me means either sporting uses or the military: with most sporting uses being aimed at military preparedness. The US obsession with firearms as "defensive tools" seems very bizarre to me.

    I'm not sure what I think about this since I couldn't really handle much of it. Weer'd Andy's wanting a 1911 as a carry pistol seemed very much a neophyte desire since there are better carry pistols IMHO, even in the .45 ACP calibre category.

    This ties into the vid you had where the woman was talking about using the loo that the neophytes are aware of what a minefield walking around with a firearm can be in terms of safety and legality.

    But as I said, US gun culture is downright weird to me.

  3. I should add that my job means that I am around people who carry firearms professionally (Law enforcement) on a daily basis. I do not feel comfortable around firearms, even in the hands of trained professionals. But that is because I know about firearms accidents and injuries. Also, there have been a few incidents where criminals have wrestled the guns away from LEOs.

    I prefer to be in places where ALL firearms are checked when not in use.

  4. I'm not sure how your case of switching sides lends you any more credence, Mike, despite your spin attempt that somewhat strains credulity; six one way, half dozen the other, they say. As for me, I grew up gun neutral (my family had no guns, I never went hunting, etc). I was introduced to firearms courtesy of Uncle Sam, and I realized that they are fun to collect and shoot, as well as quite useful in a wide variety of roles. The more I learned about firearms and the "gun culture" outside of the military, I discovered that there existed a group of people that wished to restrict the use of those interesting and practical tools just because of the misdeeds of a few. At the same time, I've been in a combat zone (twice now), and I've seen the horrible things that men to do each other with weapons, but I've also come to realize that in the hands of a peaceful man, a firearm is a tool for good. After starting out neutral and then hearing (and seeing) arguments both for and against, I've decided that I never want to be beholden to anyone else for my defense, whether from a deranged criminal, a foreign foe, or a tyrannical government.

  5. Jade, I am defined by what I've done with my life and how I interact with those around me, and not by some tool that I choose to own. I have many healthy relationships in my life, including a loving marriage to a wonderful woman, and I resent your low-brow verbal attack against me and the millions of other Americans like me. I'm glad to see you reveal your true colors as the close-minded bigot that you are.

  6. Laci, US gun culture is PART (but certainly not all, before any of you try to flame me) of our long, proud tradition of rugged individualism here in the US. Dare I say, it may even be part of the reason why we've been forced to cross the pond a couple of times in the last century to bail you all out rather than the other way around.

    As for choosing a 1911 as an everyday carry gun, it is a simple, robust and reliable defensive tool that has stood the test of nigh on 100 years now. Are other guns in .45 smaller or lighter or even more tactically gimmicky? Sure, but there's a reason that no less of an expert than the late Col. Jeff Cooper recommended and used it on a daily basis, and I'm sure he wouldn't refer to Weer'd as a "neophyte" for choosing to do the same. I'm sure you're quite a legal expert with your years of experience, but being around LEOs with guns every day hardly qualifies you as an expert or one to pass judgment; just stick to making recommendations in your chosen field of expertise, thanks.

  7. And although I own a few 1911s in different "flavors," my every day carry guns are a Kahr PM9 and a Kel-Tec P3AT. I prefer their smaller size and lighter weight, but I wouldn't begrudge anyone their choice of a 1911, nor would I consider myself a self-defense expert qualified to pass judgment on other peoples' choices.

  8. Colin, Your attempts to sound reasonable went right out the window when you mentioned "tyrannical government."

    I appreciate your comments, though.

  9. Like it or not, that's part of the reason why the 2nd Amendment exists; you can argue the contrary until you're blue in the face, but I refuse to believe that wasn't something that informed the Constitutional writings of a bunch of men who had just thrown off a tyrannical government through force of arms. I'm hardly a three-per or black helicopter believer, but I'm not foolish enough to believe that the US has become a perfect democratic utopia that could never regress to some form of tyranny. I intentionally listed that item last, because while I fervently hope that such a thing never comes to pass in my lifetime, nor do I believe that it's particularly likely in any case, I wouldn't rule it out as an impossibility. I'm a historian by degree, and there have been far too many examples of democracies and other free societies turning into mockeries of their former selves throughout the years. You may deride me however you choose, but I have most definitely come from a neutral background, examined both positions, and in the end chosen the side of civil rights.

  10. I had a dream about running moonshine, despite the fact that I've never made alcohol and I don't go around breaking the law. I don't engage in any illicit or illegal behaviors.

    What does my dream mean, Dr. MikeB?

  11. The more a gun owner does the less fit he is for owning guns. Many of these folks are downright dangerous and something should be done about them, which is where sensible but strict gun control laws come in.

    That's a brilliant idea, Jadefool's Biggest (Only?) Cheerleader--forcibly disarm people based on their fucking dreams.

    I can't fucking wait to see how that law is written.

    You're as funny, in your own sad little way, as Dave Barry.

  12. so Jadegold, aka Guy Cabot, admits to being deliberately insulting, and you claim Breda is mean?

    Color me confused.

  13. AM, Did I say "mean?" I remember saying "nasty," for having banned me (did you catch that word?) from her blog after I challenged her on a couple videos she'd posted. You can research it if you like, some of the pro-gun crowd even agreed with my take on it.

    I could add "thoroughly dishonest" too given the fabricated justification she gave for it.

  14. So, she is a hypocrite because of her decision to ban you? Does it make her more, or less, of a hypocrite than you for having owned guns and ignoring the law, then blogging about guns and complaining about the supposed 10%?

  15. I'm thinking MikeB is just trolling here and hoping that Breda will link to him. (which simply isn't gonna happen)

    Blogging has always been about attention for him.

    You're a rude, nasty attention whore MikeB. I'm glad she banned you.

    it appears you're just butthurt that you can't comment at her place (or at most gun blogs, the majority of which are far more successful than your blog)

    Laci has never been around the "gun culture." Working around LEO's in an official capacity does not equal "gun culture"

  16. And as usual, Laci is quite apt at self-contradiction.

    I can quite easily imagine Laci deliver a lenthy bout of opening arguments, followed by the opposing lawyer earning his client a favorable ruling with one sentence: 'I rest my case'.

  17. Anonymous said, "So, she is a hypocrite because of her decision to ban you?"

    What is wrong with you, man? I didn't say she's a hypocrite. I said she's one of the "nastiest internet characters," then later I added that she's "thoroughly dishonest."

    I realize "hypocrite" is one of those pro-gun buzzwords that you guys love to use, but get a grip, man. I didn't say it, you did.

  18. I said she's one of the "nastiest internet characters," then later I added that she's "thoroughly dishonest."

    This is rich coming from the guy who defends JadeGold on a daily basis. You sir are a hypocrite.

  19. "I didn't say it, you did."

    No, you're right. You didn't use the word "hypocrite."

    Instead, you whined like a 5 yr old about how mean and unfair she was, and linked back to an older post to show that she banned you. In that post, you blasted her for supposedly being fair about letting both sides comment, yet choosing to ban you. And you commented how the pro-gun side always blasted the anti-gun side for that kind of thing. In other words, a hypocrisy.

    As to your suggestion that I get a grip, I'll take it under consideration. My 4gery needs something on the fore end, and I suspect a front grip might be just the thing. Should I go olive drab or tan?


    These look REALLY nice, and the color should match your forarm and butt-stock. Otherwise it will clash!

  21. Weer'd Beard, thanks! I hadn't seen those before.

  22. REALLY? So called gun 'nuts' are naked white dudes with holster loin clothes? Because I thought the gun NUTS looked more like black males aged 12 to 25 with sagging pants, tattos, cornrows and do-rags. YOU KNOW the ones who all own guns and spare not a thought to shooting up anybody they feel like, then crying bloody murder if the victim 'gets them' first. Yeah, I'm pretty sure the majority of the people I consider nuts who own (illegally) guns and hurt people with them are BLACK. I mean HEY you might consider law abiding citizens as being nuts, but, frankly it's the killers i'm most concerned with. TAKE MY HOMETOWN FAVE 'JESSIE DOTSON' given an 18 yr sentence for murder, released early for good behavior (even though he stabbed some dude in the neck while in jail) and within less than 6 months was it(?) he had killed maybe 7 family members and friends of family? HARD to remember the exact number, but, he shot them up until he ran out of bullets, then stabbed them. One lady was shot in the leg, found in the bathroom (trying to hide, I guess-couldn't get away with her bum leg)stabbed to death. Also his baby cousins & nephews - one stabbed in the head so hard the knife broke off & the blade was left in there. I think the youngest vic was 10 months (?) maybe less - YOU know he didn't want any WITNESSES and god knows that baby might have talked. YOU SEE "what had happened wuz" he stole his brothers coat - his brother said 'gimme my coat back, or I'll call the cops" NO WAY WAS HE GOIN' BACK and apparently his criminal mind kept him from 'returning the fucking coat' so he just killed his brother, brothers girlfriend, other relatives & friends, and then tried to kill several children, but they didn't all die, I think 3 lived and LO & BEHOLD he was ID'd by his little 7 or 10 yr old cousin or nephew (sorry this was a few years ago, my memory is not so good)

    NOW THAT'S WHAT I CALL A NUT - sorry you disagree and feel the need to disgrace both yourself and your fellow man who just happens to have a different belief than you do, which kinda makes you a bigot - really - not kind of, more like fully. But to be honest - with all the 'non racially motivated' black flash mobs viciously attacking random whites, I'd rather hang with the gun owners than the liberal twats who cry about legal gun ownership while totally ignoring the fact that there is no way to remove the illegal guns off the streets & if guns were taken from regular folks, why the criminals they would understand this and a horrible crime spree would occur nationwide. Or weren't you aware that criminals DO like to take advantage of situational advantages?

    1. And let's face it, folks, let's just FACE THE TRUTH once and for all. the ones responsible for the majority of all murders in the United States are blacks = even though the entire population of black americans is just 13% and I'll garner that the population of male offenders or possible offenders is an INCREDIBLY low percentage of the population, once removing children, women, elderly, etc. NOW also hispanics outnumber blacks 16% to 13% and their criminality cannot be ignored either! Hispanics now control over 52% of all gang activity in the U.S. and it's not some neighborhood screw ups, they are hardened vicious butchering sociopaths like MS13, and 18th street crew or whatever it's called. Man they kill babies with machetes, you dig? They're not what I would consider NORMAL - who knows? maybe YOU consider that normal, and people like me (a 48 year old, middle classed, moderately educated, lifelong hard working self supporting white woman) A NUT. Even though I've never hurt anyone in my life, I don't have any felony record (OK once I got in trouble for driving with an expired tag!)I've never been on welfare or food stamps, never been placed in a 'nut house' and simply believe people should be able to own guns. I also had fun going to a gun show once.

      USA STATS...
      52% of all homicide OFFENDERS are black.
      (Keep in mind that very many offenders kill more than 1 person, therefore, the 52% of offenders are responsible for MANY more than 52% of all DEATHS.
      I mean you got guys killing up to 6 people on an average gangland shooting or home invasion robbery, so any particular offender is usually a killer of more than ONE victim.

      48% of all homicide VICTIMS are black.
      YEAH they kill each other a lot - AGAIN a rather high rate for such a paltry percentage of the population (I shudder to think what the murder rate would be if this population were 50%)

      #1 CAUSE OF DEATH - you get that?
      Blacks are decimating their own race at lightening speed GUNS ARE THE #1 WEAPON used. ***WHO'S THE GUN 'NUTS' AGAIN? conservative whites?
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      I am REALLY sick of hearing how middle class Americans of sound mind and good character are NUTS for wanting to retain our constitutional and civil right to own guns. Are you people totally insane now?

      You can't read? You don't see the amount of crime and death going on out there? And believe me, the MS13 gang members, and the 'brutha' down the road, THEY ALL have guns, many of them have MULTIPLE guns of every caliber up to and including sub machine guns, AND YET YOU CONTINUE TO CALL LAW ABIDING WHITES 'THE NUTS' and devote so much time to haranguing them, deriding them, describing them in very hateful bigoted terms, insinuating they are of low intelligence-rednecks-haters. ALL lies. And for what purpose? To PROVE 'your point'? I'm not sure what the point is; that only stupid uneducated rednecks own guns or want to own guns? At least they do it legally and don't perpetrate 'drive bys' over TURF killing innocent children on a daily basis. At least they aren't running the drug, weapons & human trafficking business via the mexican border, pendejo. But no, no by all means SINGLE them out for your vitriolic rages - pretend like, you know, all the other shit doesn't happen.

      you make me sick, really. Maybe we'll get lucky and one of the REAL nuts will show you what I'm talking about. I wonder if you would even see the fallacies of your beliefs even if that happened.

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    3. Well, BunBun, thanks for coming by and reviving this old comment thread. You sound like a really interesting character. Why don't you have a look at some of the more recent activity on the blog. I'm sure you'll find it inspiring.