Sunday, October 3, 2010

Smith and Wesson

The Truth About Guns presented this fascinating video about the Smith and Wesson company.


  1. S&W almost lost everything when they collaborated with the Clinton regime--American gun owners tend not to take kindly to treachery. When the company changed hands, and withdrew from the Faustian bargain the previous ownership had entered, the boycott ended, and their fortunes started turning around.

    Since then, they came out with the .500 S&W, which was brilliant marketing, even if they can't really take credit for the VPC herbivores doing their advertising for them.

    The obvious lesson here is that working with the pro-tyranny lobby buys you nothing but pain--the only sensible course is the same as the only honorable course--fight them every step of the way.

  2. Of course, Zorro is on serious medication.

    The reason most gun manufacturers are having a tough slog is because they have been unable to expand the market. Gun ownership is declining.

    'B-b-b-b-but, gun mfrs sold 400 eleventy gazillion guns last year!!!'--I can hear the gunloons wail.

    The vast majority of guns that are sold are going to those who already own guns. As I've sagely noted previously, about 80% of the guns are owned by 20% of the population. So long as the gun industry cannot expand that population buying guns, the gun mfrs will soon reach saturation. If they haven't already.

  3. Oh--you bet, Jadefool (by the way, I'm "Roy" now, remember?)--the gun industry is in serious trouble.

    Pretty soon, the manufacturers won't be able to finance the "gun lobby," and all the Brady Bunch cud-munchers will live happily ever after.

    Not quite as plausible as "Jack and the Beanstalk," perhaps, but more uplifting, for some.

  4. I think I've finally figured Guy out. He truly lives in a fantasy world made up entirely of his delusions.

    On rare occasions, his delusions intesect with reality, and he gets to make a correct statement. The rest of the time, he gives us bilge like what he just posted above.


  5. Z: I wouldn't worry about the firearm mfrs going out of business anytime soon. A fter all, the bulk of their sales goes to military/LEOs.

    But the firearm mfrs can't seem to increase the civilian market.

  6. Jadegold reminded me of something I thought of watching that video.

    "the bulk of their sales goes to military/LEOs."

    Maybe that's where it should stop.

  7. I seriously doubt that law enforcement agencies and the military in the U.S. bought over 14 million firearms last year.

    As for the "where it should stop" notion, I see Jadefool's Biggest (Only?) Cheerleader is on board with CSGV's government monopoly on force idea, in support of which they cite Max Weber. Weber's most significant contribution to history would have to have been his drafting of Article 48, which was so helpful in bringing the Nazis to power.

    That's government monopoly on force in action, alright.