Tuesday, October 5, 2010

Domestic Violence in Iowa - Woman Dead

Guns are bad news for women is what I've been saying, based not only on these daily stories in the news but on the great work of Prof. Henemway.
In today's incident it doesn't take much imagination to read between the lines. In Afghanistan they have a solution for this. In the United States it's a bit more difficult. Women are supposed to be equal members of society, but the level of gun availability makes exercising that right especially dangerous.

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  1. > In Afganistan they have a solution for this.

    Do tell.

    > Womankind Worldwide, a UK charity, which said 80 percent of Afghan women are affected by domestic violence; over 60 percent of marriages are forced; and half of all girls are married before the age of 16.

    > In 2008, a woman involved in public advocacy on
    women’s rights reported that her burqa was pulled up
    before she was repeatedly beaten by an unknown assailant
    in a bazaar in the southern region of Afghanistan. Several
    months later, she received a phone call from an unknown
    person who associated her work with the international
    military forces and threatened her with death by
    indicating that there were three bullets in his gun for her.
    Since this attack and threat, she largely stays at home and
    maintains a low profile.

    > On 13 June 2009, a midwife named Narges was gunned down in Farah province along with
    her husband and her seven-year-old boy. She had been working for a health clinic in
    Khormaleq village, Golestan district, run by a well-established non-governmental organisation
    that has been providing basic health services for a long time in this Province. She was the only
    healthcare professional working in this area. Previously, local Taliban had reportedly been
    critical of women having undertaking work outside the home, including in the health sector.

  2. Well, if "guns are bad news for women [makes jacking-off gesture]," the solution, obviously, is to have our heroic enforcers of federal gun law come to the rescue.

    Oh, wait--BATFE agents are bad news for women. Hmm . . . now that's a pickle.

  3. Good link, Zorro. You should send that one to someone who thinks all ATF officers are good.

    Van Dyke, did you really not get my sarcasm when I wrote that in Afghanistan they have a solution?

    The point is that's not a good solution. And in a country like ours where people are supposed to be free, allowing every wife-beating idiot to have easy access to guns is not a good solution either.

    Get it?

  4. Jadefool's Biggest (Only?) Cheerleader:

    Good link, Zorro. You should send that one to someone who thinks all ATF officers are good.

    And you should send your trickle of anecdotes about "gun owners gone bad" to someone who thinks all gun owners are good.

  5. Here you go mike.

    My solution.

    Obviously, this gun was very bad news for the young lady.

  6. Ah, I see what you mean now--mandatory licencing and registration laws.

    Glad to see they are working, as expected.