Saturday, October 9, 2010

University of Louisville

A female student pulled out a gun during a meeting with faculty members, they think, intending to kill herself. Quick action on the part of one or more of the professors saved the day.

Too bad they weren't all armed. They could have just shot her. (/sarcasm)

What's your opinion?  In spite of this case in which the five professors were unarmed, which allowed for a death-free resolution, do you think guns on campuses is a good thing? Do you think they would do more good than harm?

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  1. Are you sure about that?

    Seems the media tends to ignore details if they involve good use of guns.

    Appalachian shooting also proves that shots aren't always required to stop a shooter.

  2. Van Dyke, Is that a joke? You linked to an article from 2002 to illustrate that the media is biased against guns.