Monday, October 4, 2010

Pennsauken New Jersey Shooting - 3 Dead

This one is not your ordinary domestic violence shooting, unspeakably tragic nonetheless. 

Before we hear all the wise cracks about New Jersey gun laws not working, let's take a look at the map.  This place is a suburb of Philadelphia.

What's your opinion? Should we blame Sebastian?

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  1. Is there some exemption for New Jersey gun laws in parts of the state near Philadelphia? An exemption, apparently, engineered by Sebastian?

    We've learned that you apparently think every discussion about any given gun law should include a qualifier specifying the area in which the law is in effect--i.e. "New Jersey now has a law limiting New Jersey residents' handgun purchases in New Jersey to one gun per month in New Jersey."

    Now you want us to say,"New Jersey now has a law limiting New Jersey residents' (except those near Philadelphia--bad Sebastian!) handgun purchases in New Jersey (except near Philadelphia--bad Sebastian!) to one gun per month in New Jersey (except near Philadelphia--bad Sebastian!)"?

  2. Fill in the blanks here MikeB. Why exactly would one blame Sebastian?

  3. I still don't see how we could blame anyone but the person who pulled the trigger.

  4. I don't blame New Jersey or Pennsylvania. Mental illness is often a dangerous problem for families to deal with and work through. If this man was having a break with reality, yes, someone should have done something to try to prevent this senseless filicide. Particularly crazy people with access to guns, liquor, stimulants... You're going to want a doctor to weigh in. That said, his family probably never saw it coming.

    None of this has anything to do with effective gun control. If the goal of gun control truly was to limit the availability and total number of handguns and murder weapons, what we have today would be a serious compromise at best. The stated goal would be to put manufacturers of personal weapons out of business. But never by denying an American a right to purchase a lawfully acquired gun. Just closing all the loopholes so that American-made guns don't end up in the jungles of Columbia and Peru. Or in the hands of some dickhead coke dealer like Paris Hilton's boyfriend. On a more global scale, end virtually all sales of weapon systems to other governments. Just to limit over-all deaths. Let them build their own gun factories. Never sell any weapons to second and third world countries. Old guns would be treated like Packards and Buicks in Havana. Beautifully crafted collector's items.

  5. Sebastian knows my sense of humor as well as you guys do.

    Gun availability is the problem. Spur of the moment murders and suicides are made more likely to succeed due to the ease with which people can get guns.

  6. I think we should blame Laci's owner, since he lives in Philly and helps get scumbags off and back on the streets.

    How about that MikeB?