Wednesday, October 6, 2010

Campus Shooting in North Carolina

Jadegold just pointed one out the other day.  Here's another. The action took place at Mid-Atlantic Christian University.

"What happened on our campus is an anomaly," university President Clay Perkins told those gathered in a hall on campus. "It's not who we are."
I guess they could always say that. Some would even add if students were allowed concealed carry this would never have happened.

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  1. Another "unpossible" shooting!
    A "gun free" zone with ZERO security measures?

    How about we talk "shared responsibility" here? The campus says they don't allow firearms, so why aren't they punished for not enforcing the "no guns" policy?

    Or is that different?

  2. Lies, urban legend, didn't happen. That is a gun free zone.

  3. Must have been a racist and an NRA member. Just like Jadegold.