Wednesday, October 6, 2010

Another Crazy NRA-Endorsed Candidate

Recently, I introduced you to NRA-endorsed Christine O'Donnell (Repug-DE) who can't seem to remember where she went to school, thinks scientists have cloned mice with human brains, and depending on what week it is--may not be a witch.
Apparently, Alaska was feeling left out in the race to the summit of Mount Crazy.
Not to fear, though, the Repug candidate for US Senate, from Alaska, is the NRA-endorsed Joe Miller. And what a worthy contender he is for teh Crazy.
Miller, like many gunloons, has novel interpretations of the Constitution. Usually, these interpretations take the form of irritable mental gestures and bleats that make no sense or are contradictory. For example, Miller believes the minimum wage is unconstitutional. As are unemployment benefits. As are agriculture subsidies. Of course, that hasn't stopped Miller's wife from collecting unemployment. And it didn't stop Miller from picking up a few federal dollars from land he owned in Kansas.
Miller apparently favors repeal of the 17th Amendment:
He called the idea of a living, changing Constitution "bullcrap," and said he would support an amendment for term limits as well as an amendment repealing the 17th Amendment, which allows for the direct election of senators by the public rather than by state legislatures.

I guess NRA-supported Miller likes the idea of slavery and women not voting, too.

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  1. Jade can't even make it through the first sentence without lying. The NRA never endorsed O'Donnell.

    Then again, when have you ever told the truth?