Friday, June 17, 2011

Home Made Zip Gun

This is the thing that Zorro used to keep saying refutes my claim that ALL guns start out legally owned. My point being that guns used in crime were at one point legally owned and somehow slipped into the criminal world. That's why I blame the lawful gun owners.

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  1. First off, if the US had good statistics of the guns used in crime--I'd be curious as to how many zip guns are seized as crime guns.

    Secondly, If a criminal has a choice of a single shot PoS or a Hi-Cap weapon that is somewhat reliable. Well, they aren't totally dumb as rocks (despite what I may say about the ones I deal with).

    Somewhat reliable since guns such as the Bryco .380 was once a popular crime gun.

    But that goes to my point that they would rather have a gun that's a PoS, than one that's a REAL PoS.

    Bottom line, what are the guns that are taken by US LEOs as crime guns? Look at them for your answer to this question.