Monday, June 13, 2011

Rachel on the Militia Movements - 30% Say Obama is the Antichrist

via Urantian Sojourn.  It's old but fascinating.


  1. 50% of Democrats think that Obambi is a good President..... so we got morons on both sides?

  2. That's impossible. Rachel is obviously the anti-Christ.

  3. mikeyw seems to think that a moron who believes that Mr. Obama is the anti-KKKrist is the same as someone who understands that the president's job is a fairly complicated one and that nobody gets it exactly right.

    Btw, moron, I doubt that anywhere near 50% actually think the president is doing a good job. Otoh, most of us are aware that you fucktards who belong to the GNOP have much to do with legislation not getting passed unless it saves the rich some more money. Idiots who eat the seed corn, that be you.

  4. oh god, and I live in NJ! We do have alot of religious fanatics in the state, even in my own family there are some who talk ad nauseum about end times, anti-christ and the mark of the la la la la la I don't hear you la la la la :-)

  5. sorry, that would be ad nauseam..

  6. Bring me my commie medsJune 14, 2011 at 5:17 AM

    "Fairly complicated", so he should not have time for 72 rounds of golf in his first two and a half years right, so the Zero fiddles while the US burns right.... right.....

    "GNOP have much to do with legislation not getting passed unless it saves the rich some more money."

    Like Nancy Pelosi's stink all ovwer the deal in 1994, the Presidio was formally transferred from the Army to the Presidio Trust (with the edges of the site going to the National Park Service) for "public-private" development and usage opportunities. Three years later, the process started to transfer Treasure Island from the Navy to the city for development. Both transfers were initiated by former Mayor Willie Brown and Congresswoman Nancy Pelosi. The Treasure Island transfer was completed by Pelosi with Mayor Newsom.

    Lennar has experience developing former military bases, and is one of the country's largest residential housing builders.

    By what could solicitously be called a coincidence, Laurence Pelosi was president of acquisitions for Lennar.

    Blind effing commie jackoff.... get back on your meds....

  7. Sue, I grew up in Jersey. Once while living in Las Vegas someone told me "New Jersey is a great place to be FROM." Get it, like no longer living there?

    To the anonymous commenter who keeps using those witty names: You're right there are rich Democrats, but it's not a liberal and progressive policy to support the rich greedy overlords of America. That's a Republican thing.