Sunday, June 12, 2011

"Jesus is a Straight Shooter."

The Suburban Journals reports on the church-sponsored gun safety classes provided to empower women.

Welcome to First Baptist Church, in Wentzville, Missouri.

The seminar at the church is for those who want to learn about guns and gun safety. The class began a year ago as an all-female gathering.

And if you're going to own a gun, she says, you must practice shooting at a firing range to ever be comfortable with the weapon. With practice and knowledge, she says, comes confidence.

"You are no longer the little, withering petunia," she says.
Now that's a cute way of saying what we've been talking about, no longer feeling like a "withering petunia." And linking up this fear-driven justification with The Lord, is pure genius. What do you think?

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  1. Why are you opposed to this? Is this not what you want? More gun owners to get more training?

  2. FWM, gun training for those with firearms, yes.

    God-blessed empowerment of women by encouraging this as a solution to feeling HELPLESS or WEAK? That's stupid. It's dangerous. It is tragedy and disaster waiting to happen, by bad planning and misconception.

  3. DG, are you against a Woman's ability to defend themselves, or are you of the opinion that women should just wear a sticker on their foreheads that says...In case of rape, this side up?

    You all are always crying about lack of training, but when an organization does offer training, you are against it and think it's stupid. Which is it - is training good, or is it a stupid idea?

    Mike G.

  4. "McClelland was 6 when her father shot off a middle finger because he carelessly had his hand over the barrel of the shotgun he was cleaning. To his surprise, it wasn't empty."

    It's all about the Benjamins.

  5. I say do whatever it takes to get more women into guns. Gun ranges are way too much of a sausage fest.

  6. AztecRed speaks the truth. In spite of all the bullshit we've heard about the tremendous increase of women in shooting activities, "Gun ranges are way too much of a sausage fest."

    This is not training. This is prosletyzing. This is preying on the fears that some women have and wrongly convincing them that they'll be better off with a gun. In some cases they might, but in most they won't.