Sunday, June 12, 2011

Toledo, Ohio Gun Violence - An Experiment in Racism

The Toledo Blade reports on the terrible frequency of gun violence in their city.

You know how the gun-rights folks will often accuse their opponents of what they know they themselves are guilty of? Well, here's what I thought. Let's take a wild guess and say that central and North Toledo is where the black people live. Let's combine that fact with what we know about lawful gun ownership. Guns are manufactured by companies owned by white folks (is there even one exception?), they are distributed to Federal Firearms Licensees (not too many blacks there, eh?), then the free-for-all begins.

Lax gun laws in places like Ohio facilitate the gun flow from the predominantly white beginnings of gun ownership out into the world, including all those that end up in central and North Toledo.

The entire system is racist.  Blacks end up paying for the sins of whites. I know the argument that each ghetto shooter is solely responsible for his actions, but I don't buy it.  Most ghetto shooters are suffering from economic and educational disadvantages, many times drug and alcohol addiction is involved.  The folks who ensure a steady supply of guns are also to blame.

Meanwhile, the gun-rights extremists will go to great lengths to argue that gun control is racist.  It started out that way 150 years ago, after all. 

What's your opinion?


  1. So you are saying that most criminals are black?

  2. "So you are saying that most criminals are black?"

    The roots of gun control lie within racism, so it's no surprise that gun controllers occasionally pull the race card.

  3. When accused, deny. In anticipation of being caught, accuse the other side of what you yourselves are guilty of.

  4. Umm,no. This is perhaps one of the most ignorant things I have ever read. I'm white as snow and I own many firearms. Distribution is not designed so they end up in the hands of any one ethnic group, that's absurd. Gun control is evil. You know who was one of the biggest proponents of guncontrol in the 20th century?, that's right Hitler. I don't care if you're black, white or green with purple spots...get out there and arm yourself it is your right. Do Not support gun control on any level, only law abiding citizens will ever follow any anti-gun laws set forth and the criminals will not. Where does this leave you? Arm yourself support the 2nd amendment and quit with the hippie racist paranoia crap this is 2012 for gods sake.

  5. What are you raving about, Anonymous? That tired old rap that gun control laws only affect the law abinding is stupid. Here's why. Criminals get their guns from lawful gun owners either through theft or straw purchasing. Stricter laws could do something about that. Yes, the laws would be aimed at the law abiding, but the criminals would be immediately and directly affected.