Sunday, July 10, 2011

NRA: Global Threat

Gunloonery contributing to instability worldwide:
A new study finds the global authorized trade in small arms, light weapons, and their ammunition is worth nearly $7.1 billion a year. In its annual report, the independent think tank, the Geneva Forum, also examines the serious impact small arms proliferation is having upon three so-called fragile states-Madagascar, Ivory Coast and Haiti.

Now, the typical gunloon response will be along the lines of 'Who cares what those furriners do? Let 'em kill each other!'

The problem, of course, is that problems elsewhere quite often wind up as our problems.  Particularly when instability in a region infringes on our allies and national security concerns.


  1. Yes, of course it is a well known fact that 90% of all RPG's in Madagascar are bought at U.S. gunshows and Walmarts.

    We should get right on that.

  2. FWM, You're sense of humor is attempting to conceal the fact that the U.S. is the biggest producer and exporter of weapons and also happens to be the biggest initiator of wars in which to use those weapons.

    Doesn't that sick cycle bother you?