Wednesday, July 13, 2011

NRA Natural Selection

A 21-year-old Colorado man died over the weekend after shooting himself in the head playing Russian roulette, police said on Monday.
Anthony Martin of Pueblo, Colorado suffered the fatal gunshot wound early Sunday morning after drinking with some friends, Pueblo Police Sergeant Eric Bravo told Reuters.

But,but, was owned by a law-abiding citizen:

Bravo said no arrests were made because the gun was legally registered to one of the men at the party, all were over the age of 21 and it appeared Martin acted alone.


  1. Alcohol and guns don't mix. And it's suicide, not an "accidental shooting" as some call Russian roullette.

    The gun owner should be cited for allowing a lethal weapon to be accessible to a drunk, I feel. Was the gun owner over the legal limit, I wonder?

  2. guns + booze = chlorine in the gene pool

  3. Baldr Odinson:

    I think it should be called, "Stupicide".

    Over the weekend a young child, at a family gathering, wandered off and was found, a few minutes later, floating facedown in Skaneatlas Lake. Everyone was, of course, devestated. It was nobody's fault. This guy shooting himself in the head? exactly the same thing. Actually, this sort of ties in to the story about the OK city vigilanticlerk who shot the perp five more times after dropping him. He wasn't trying to kill the guy, he just wanted to slow him down.

  4. No, AztecRed, it should be

    guns + booze = loss of gun rights for life.

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