Monday, September 5, 2011

Rick Perry - Death Penalty King

As Rick Perry picks up his campaign going into the fall, his home state is set to add six more executions — including a somewhat controversial one — to the already record tally he’s amassed during his years as governor. They’ll come at what could be politically inconvenient times, as Perry participates in key debates and heads out on the trail.
This very interesting article points out a sad reality.  The American people are mostly in favor of capital punishment.  We've had this in the past, so that's not the sad reality.  Now, they predict, this will not even be a major issue in the presidential campaign.

This should be a burning and blazing issue. Apathy about the death penalty is a terrible symptom of a very sick society. But what kind of traction can anti-death penalty advocates expect when the majority favor it.

For me there's no question, the death penalty is unacceptable. Most of the executed criminals have mitigating circumstances such as addictions and mental illness and don't deserve it in the first place. Others are so damaged they seem to be evil incarnate, but how is it possible for us to tell them it's wrong to kill and then turn around and kill them?

Life in prison with no possibility of parole should be the maximum sentence.

What's your opinion?


  1. Or we could just give the really bad criminals a maximum of 21 years in a comfortable prison like they do in Norway.

  2. There is nothing wrong with modern prisons; we have many of them ourselves, it's where we park our white collar criminals like Madoff.

    As to the 21 year sentence....that is the maximum after which there is a review for extending the sentence.

    It has been misreported that is the absolute maximum. But of course our FWM loves those right wing misrepresentations of fact; it makes him happy to live in that alternate rigth wing fantasy rather than in reality like the rest of us.

  3. How do you extend a maximum sentence? What if the dirtbag that shot all of those kids has total good behavior for the next 21 years? Doesn't their review consider only what has transpired during the sentence and not evaluate the initial crime?

  4. I agree with you Mike - we do not need the death penalty. What we do need is to lock these criminals up for life and not let them out.

  5. Thanks Jim.

    What about you FWM, are you talking about vengeance or expedience?