Tuesday, September 6, 2011

New Hampshire Senate Bill 88

Title: (3rd New Title) relative to physical force in defense of a person, relative to producing or displaying a firearm or other means of self-defense, and relative to eliminating minimum sentencing and adding civil immunity for certain firearm use.
I think we need a lawyer to explain this one to us, but my understanding is it would expand the castle-doctrine and lessen the punishment for gun offenses.

The Union Leader reports on the struggle expected this week by the NH Senate to over-ride the governor's veto.

Gov. John Lynch faces his toughest fight on his veto of Senate Bill 88, which expands the legal use of deadly force and includes the so-called Ward Bird provision adding flexibility in sentencing for criminal threatening.

SB 88 passed 19-5 along party lines in the Senate. That is more than enough for a two-thirds vote to override the veto. It would take four defections from Republican ranks to sustain Lynch.

Senators have been under intense pressure from law enforcement at all levels. All 10 county attorneys, sheriffs, chiefs and police associations have urged senators to sustain the veto.
The sickness of partisan politics and voting along party lines irrespective of what's right or wrong or what a particular voting politician really believes, practically dooms this one to failure. Four Republicans would have to defect, which to me sounds unlikely. What do you think?

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