Saturday, September 10, 2011

Former Congressman Bob Ney on the Iraq War

Nay is one of the guys implicated in the Jack Abramoff Indian lobbying scandal, yet concerning 9/11 he seems to speak the truth. What do you think?  Does a politician who's been bought on one deal have no credibility when speaking on another? I don't think so, not necessarily.

Being out of politics, he's free to speak the truth without the consequences his former colleagues pay for doing so.  This is still a polarizing issue.  Speaking out against Bush and Cheney puts one at odds with certain groups, still.

When Joe Wilson spoke about the former administration, he was a bit more forthcoming. He pulled no punches in describing Cheney as the force behind the whole thing.  Former Congressman Ney said basically the same thing, that Cheney was the "instigator" and the he "pushed for it," but then he said: "Bush night have done it, but Cheney was surely there being the cheerleader."

I had the feeling he misspoke and didn't really intend to soften it up that much.

What's your opinion?  What do folks in the military think? What do discharged veterans think about all this.

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