Saturday, September 3, 2011

University of Montana Negligent Discharge Doesn't Count

Shootings on college campuses have dominated headlines in some parts of the country in recent years, but guns have not posed a serious threat at UM, Taylor said. There's not much the university can do to prevent incidents like the one Monday evening, Taylor said.

"This was just plain poor gun handling," Taylor said. "It wasn't a shooting. It was an accidental discharge because they didn't follow proper safety precautions."
And with that, the incident is closed.  The negligent and dangerous young man is given a misdemeanor slap on the wrist and everybody goes back to business as usual.

The fact is the guilty student broke about a half-a-dozen school and basic gun-safety rules and someone was injured. In the exact same way someone or more than some ONE could have been killed. This is proof that in some cases, in too many cases, young people do not respond to parental guidance, teaching and warnings concerning guns. Some people are not capable of apprehending these lessons, which is the reason we have the One Strike You're Out Rule.

What's your opinion?  Do you think they take gun negligence a bit too lightly in gun friendly states like Montana?  I do.

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  1. No harm, no foul? Or was it just that since there weren't one or more people bloodies that it doesn't count as "a shooting".

    Perhaps we can learn from this. The next time a star "student athlete" has an "accidental discharge" of semen while unavoidably on top of a co-ed...

  2. Beyond comprehension. IOKIYAAGW: It's OK if you are a gun wack. No matter what the offense, the gun wack gets excused. Because, rememberl, the world is full of dangerous people that you and only you are keeping at bay with your gun.

  3. Remember, the gun guys don't count accidental shooting as "shootings", nor suicides, nor cop shootings, nor defensive shootings, nor anything other than gang- or drug-related or mass shootings.

    Our society is too complacent. This shooting would have been headlines in many countries, but here it is lucky to be on page 3 of the local section of the newspaper, if reported at all.

  4. POed Lib, Thanks for the comment. I meant to get by here sooner to say that. Welcome, I guess we think alike.