Friday, January 27, 2012

Another Florida Gun Nut Violently Goes Off the Rails

One more person who should never have had a gun.

We have too many guns, and too many people committing gun violence out of emotional impulses that would be better managed without ease of access to deadly weapons.

I'm sure that right before his gun ruined his life and traumatized the people around him, this guy was sure he was a good person, doing good and important things with his freedom and his firearm.

Of course, he wasn't.  And of course now he is as far from free as he can possibly be, but there is that tantalizing ILLUSION that comes with guns.  This man who had a promising professional career ahead of him has proven once again that there is no correlation between guns and freedom, and far, far to frequent a correlation to guns and violence and ruination, and this is never more true than in states where the gun fantasy and fetish is strongest -- like Florida. We're lucky this didn't end up yet ANOTHER mass shooting, or murder / suicide, or that the shots fired didn't hit someone entirely unintentional.

From the Miami Herald and the AP:

Fla law student being held on $1M bond in shooting

Read more here: Associated Press

The Associated Press An Ave Maria law school student is being held on $1 million bond after authorities say he shot at his roommate and threatened his ex-girlfriend.
Jail records show 25-year-old Robert Christopher Ringley was charged Friday with attempted murder and aggravated assault with a deadly weapon. His next court date is Feb. 6. It was not immediately known if he has an attorney.
The Naples Daily News reports ( that the Collier County Sheriff's Office says Ringley forced his ex-girlfriend and his roommate to their knees on the street, pointing the gun at them.
The woman fled to an apartment to call authorities. That's when police say Ringley ordered his roommate to his feet and fired several shots in the air before pointing the gun at him.
No one was injured.


  1. We all believe ourselves to be able to handle the things that we own, whether it be alcohol, scissors, automobile, or guns. Belief in one's safety with one's possessions isn't evidence, by itself, of being unfit to own the object in question.

    Dog Gone, you keep pointing out groups and individuals who shouldn't have guns, in your opinion. This leads me to believe that you want no private citizen to have a firearm and no public employee to have one, except while on duty. If that's not true, please name private citizens whom you would allow to own guns.

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