Saturday, January 28, 2012

CHP Officer Found Guilty of Murder

via David Codrea's one-sided and extremely biased blog. Here's his whining observations.

We're the Only Ones "Until Death Do Us Part" Enough

A former California Highway Patrol officer was convicted Monday of first-degree murder for shooting her husband, collapsing in the courtroom when the verdict was read. [More]

And then there's this bit of responsibility acceptance:

When I grabbed it tight, it fired.

Who am I to argue? She's obviously more highly-trained than me. Except, when she's scared and needs it the most, she just doesn't think about "tactics from work."
The fact is, many police officers are unfit, exactly like the civilian gun owners. Codrea is so obsessed with the fact that some people might think the cops deserve certain rights and privileges that he does not, that he continually harps on the "only ones" theme.

What's your opinion? Could law enforcement and civilian gun owners both use more screening and training?

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  1. Could it be that you didn't read the news article? The woman was attacked by her abusive husband, and she acted in self defense. This is a clear case of an overzealous prosecutor making an example of someone in a gun-hating state.

    To answer your questions, though, we need no more screening. Everyone can benefit from training.

  2. The prosecutor obviously needs to find a different job. How in the world can someone like him even sleep at night? This woman, a CHP Officer, shot this man in self defense, husband or not. That's what the prosecutor went after, a firearm used in self-defense, we can't have that, now can we?

    And no, we don't need more "screening" aka gun control. And yes, in agreement with Mike, everyone truly can benefit from more training. I was at the range today, as a matter-of-fact, what did you do today, wise guy?

  3. I agree it sure sounded like a legitimate self-defense shooting. But, why then did she insist it was an accident?

  4. This news source seems to be missing some information. It seems that after she killed him, she drove to her parent's home before calling police. Other evidence suggest that it was an intentional shot. Also, one story that she gave, she and her husband were fighting over the purse, which contained the gun, in another story, she said that the gun was on the ground.