Saturday, January 28, 2012

Woman Catches Thief Without Needing a Gun

Phones and cops and a really determined woman with strong beliefs prevailed.  You have to give this woman credit for having the courage of her convictions.

Now THIS is a woman who truly believed in the good in her fellow human beings, a woman who did not rely on violence for a solution, a woman who did not need a lethal weapon to deal with a criminal situation.

I applaud her wholeheartedly for her force of personality, not lethal force.  Good for her.

50-year-old woman chases, corners, lectures robber

NBC Chicago
Jenar Sanders, 18, was charged with theft early Friday, police said.
Thou shall not steal. And one Chicago woman went to great lengths Friday to impart it.
A 50-year-old woman gave a robber a religious lecture early Friday after chasing him for almost a mile and cornering him in an alley, according to the Chicago Tribune.
The woman was riding a Chicago Transit Authority bus in the Loop just after midnight when police said Jenar Sanders, 18, swiped her wallet from her purse, jumped off the bus at Huron and State streets and made a run for it.
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Trailing Sanders, the woman alerted others as she ran down the street, according to the Tribune. A hotel staff member at the Omni Hotel and the CTA bus driver notified police, officers said.
The race came to a quick halt when police said Sanders ended up cornered in an alley off Superior Street between Wabash Avenue and Rush Street, surrounded by the victim and others who had joined the chase.
“She kept telling him God didn’t want him to steal her wallet,” a police source told the Tribune.
Sanders, who is 6-foot-3 and weighs 270 pounds, was arrested by two officers at 12:35 a.m.  The woman is 5-foot-8 and a little more than half his weight.
“The woman’s lucky," a police officer told the Tribune. "She grabbed him. She was lucky this guy wasn’t a violent guy. They had him in an alley without an exit. He’s a fairly substantial man.”
Authorities say Sanders admitted to the crime and was charged with theft.'s Shawna Hendrix and staff contributed to this report.


  1. 1. This happened in Chicago, where she couldn't legally carry a gun and likely couldn't even own one legally, given the regulatory burdens imposed by the city.

    2. The police said that the woman is lucky. She raised a hue and cry, and this worked. She just as well could have been killed.

    3. Regardless, it's good that she did what she did. Good people allow far too much evil to pass without comment.

  2. LOL, she definitely did not let the incident pass without comment; she commented apparently quite extensively.

  3. Greg- In Chicago, rifles and shotguns have always been legal to own. Handguns are also legal to own. However, we are the only state without any conceal/carry legislature. ONLY state.

    1. What do you think the McDonald decision was about? Chicago had a handgun ban. Now it has a long list of onerous restrictions designed to circumvent the ruling. Yes, someone with a FOID can get a firearm in Illinois, but again, the process is too much for a basic civil right.

  4. Greg- No need to educate me on Chicago's laws. It's where I grew up. The testing is ridiculous, and really doesn't offer any significant training. Gun ownership is not a Civil right. It is a Constitutional right.

  5. "Gun ownership is not a Civil right. It is a Constitutional right."

    What? Dear J.O.B., I hope you realize there are commenters around here who say gun ownership is a

    1. Constitutional right
    2. civil right
    3. natural human right
    4. god-given right
    5. inalienable right
    and probably a few more.

    1. You've finally seen the light? I'm glad that you get it now.