Tuesday, January 24, 2012

Gun Owners Messin' Around

I got it from TTAG, but it's been making the rounds.  The pro-gun guys pretend these types of characters are so rare that their effect is negligible.  I disagree.


  1. Looks to me like their fingers are on those triggers too.

    This looks to be another instance of social darwinism waiting to happen, the unfit thinning out the gene pool of themselves.

    It is precisely the sort of behavior, the lack of judgment, the failure to practice proper gun safety which OUGHT to preclude gun ownership in a more restrictive gun culture.

    Want to bet that these guys also feel perfectly comfortable sleeping with a loaded firearm on their nightstand - because hey, they're never incapacitated, they never really sleep that deeply (just ask 'em).

    And I bet you both these jokers are absolutely confident that they know without checking, using only the most brief and superficial information, who is and is not a prohibited gun owner for private sales.

    Because hey - you sure would never want to prevent another good ol' boy like themselves from havin' their gunz, now would ya? Then they wouldn't be free or nothin'.

    To borrow a catch phrase from blue collar comedian Ron White, you can't fix stupid.

    Looks like the one guy is about to neuter it though.

  2. Dog Gone,

    You're able to reach many conclusions from little evidence. I suspect that your ability is a delusion, but it's fun watching you try.

    We know little about those guys, except that, if those are real guns, the two are idiots. Their politics, their practices at home, and so on are not provided.

    Realistically, how would you identify these two as a problem before they buy a gun? You have a test that's that sensitive, that accurate? Your blunt instruments wouldn't catch these two without taking guns away from those who aren't a danger to any innocent person. That being the case, I refuse to go along.