Friday, July 27, 2012

Accidental Shooting of Illinois 10-year-old by his Little Sister - He's Dead - No Charges

Local news reports

A Granite City boy was killed after his sister accidentally shot him Sunday afternoon.

Jefferson County Sheriff Roger Mulch said Christian G. Clark, 10, and his sister, Halee R. Clark, 7, were inside the motor home of their grandfather, Jason G. Clark Sr., in rural northeast Jefferson County.

They were visiting their grandfather with their mother.

“They were alone in the camper,” Mulch said. “Their grandpa had opened the camper up and was doing some work. The kids could watch movies or whatever and stay in the air conditioning.”

Halee Clark picked up a long gun and accidentally discharged a round, which struck Christian Clark in the face, killing him, Mulch said.

Mulch said an investigation into the incident continues, but nothing points to foul play.

“All indications are that this was a tragic accident,” information states. “The investigation continues by the Jefferson County Sheriff’s Office, Jefferson County State’s Attorney, Illinois State Police and Jefferson County Coroner.”
"Nothing points to foul play," not even the granddad's decision to let the kids play in a trailer with an unsecured, loaded gun.

What's your opinion?  Is that kind of disregard for safety not tantamount to "foul play?"

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  1. This, in the gun-control paradise of Illinois. Things that make you go hmmm. . .

  2. These accidents with children are almost totally avoidable. Of course the adults who own the firearms need to be responsible and secure them appropriately. More importantly, we need to teach all children age 4 and up that firearms can seriously injure people and that they should never handle firearms unless an adult is helping.

    And this is easy to accomplish. Communities can sponsor general safety training for young children and cover the basics of fire, poisons, crossing streets, swimming/drowning, and firearms. Such training would cost next to nothing.

    As for how effective that training is, expose the children to some of the risks in a limited fashion so that they can see, hear, smell, and feel how serious that stuff is. Talking and showing them pictures has limited impact. Actual exposure will cement the lesson.

    1. I think teaching safety should be an individual and parental responsibility. The rest should be legislated, safe storage laws and severe penalties for "accidents."