Friday, July 27, 2012

Dear Gun Carriers (Open and Concealed): Here is Why We Do NOT Believe You When You Insist You Are Safe It is because you aren't.

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Yosemite Sam walks into the Wal Mart Men's Room....or at least, something very like the gun carriers doing so....

Not too long ago I wrote about the correlation between a state being red and the number of Wal Marts it had, along with the pattern of people having far lower levels of education, and being obese. In short, it tracks perfectly with the NRA tendency for their gun nuts to be old, white, flabby and crabby, conservative and not well educated.
And along with their obsessions with carrying guns at Wal Marts is the reported incidences of stupid accidents -- like guys shooting toilets out from under their own asses in men's rooms because their gun fell out while they were relieving themselves, and discharged.  The gun carriers span the spectrum from open carry to legal concealed carry to illegal carry, and a wider variety of demographics than the NRA members -- and they are all dangerous, they all put others at risk without a legitimate reason to carry.
There was another shooting at a Wal Mart this week in Dallas, there was one last month in Elizabeth, North Carolina. :
George Reichle  was seated in the men’s room stall next to Felty June 29 when to the surprise of them both, Felty’s .38-caliber pistol discharged a single round through the stall door and into the bathroom ceiling. Reichle wasn’t hurt, but the near-miss has angered him enough to publicly criticize Walmart for its reckless policy of allowing Felty and other customers to bring concealed weapons into the store.
Of course, changing the policy won’t be easy. Commonsense almost always loses out when it’s up against the often insane way gun rights are worshipped in this country. Simply suggesting that someone leave a dangerous weapon at home or in their car before entering a crowded store is considered by Second Amendment zealots to be tantamount to government storm troopers breaking into your house and confiscating your guns.

Sadly, many concealed weapon permit holders apparently are not above seeing the occasional customer shot to death if it means protecting their right to walk Walmart’s aisles with their handguns hidden at the ready. There are in fact dozens of websites where gun owners are constantly on the look out for any breach of their right to bear arms in Walmart stores, and there’s even one site that asked members how many of them performed their first “concealed carry walk” at Walmart. According to the poll, 18 of 43 respondents said they “proudly” did.
If you do a google search of gun discharges, Wal Mart, there is a shocking number. Here's another one, the most recent -- but then the week isn't over yet. There's time for another one any minute, given WallyWorld's are open 24 hours, and welcome people carrying guns.  And it is not like WalMart is the only place that gun guys put people in danger.
Next time a gun nut wonders why we don't believe they are safe, this is why - this and all the other incidents like it; this and all the other incidents where someone gets shot, intentionally or accidentally.

From CBS Dallas;

DALLAS (CBSDFW.COM) - A woman and two young children were wounded on Monday night after a gun accidentally discharged inside of a Walmart store in northeast Dallas. The incident happened at about 9:20 p.m. in the 9300 block of Forest Lane.

According to police, a man identified as 23-year-old Todd Canady — who does have a concealed handgun license — went into the Walmart store to purchase groceries. But he had trouble pulling out his wallet at the check-out line. He accidentally dropped and fired his pistol instead. The bullet first grazed Canady in the back of his leg before ricocheting off of the ground.
Debris struck two children and a woman’s ankle as they were standing in line. They were not seriously hurt.

todd canady 4 People Hurt By Gunfire In Dallas Walmart
Todd Canady (credit: Dallas County Sheriff’s Department)
Canady left the store and then fled when police tried to question him about the incident. He was later arrested and will face a felony charge of injury to a child, as well as misdemeanor charges of assault and evading arrest. The pistol has been taken in as evidence as an investigation continues.


  1. Of course hundreds of thousands carry everyday without such incidents happening.

  2. Pooch said: "Not too long ago I wrote about the correlation between a state being red and the number of Wal Marts it had, along with the pattern of people having far lower levels of education, and being obese. In short, it tracks perfectly with the NRA tendency for their gun nuts to be old, white, flabby and crabby, conservative and not well educated."

    Yessireebob, Todd Canady certainly fits Pooch's description. NOT!!!
    orlin sellers

    1. And no one ever buys vegetables or fruit in a Wal-Mart.

  3. You never know, he could be Obama's kid, the 1/4 fat white gun owner is the one responsible for the ND. just saying......

  4. And from the - "My kid got shot in the face and all I got was this lousy lawsuit" , - files.|topnews|text|

    Really Laci can't you convince your clients not to file these crappy lawsuits....

    I wonder how long it is before the man with two ass cracks (Mr Canady) sues Kmart for not preventing his ND?

  5. This statement is totally bogus:

    "... many concealed weapon permit holders apparently are not above seeing the occasional customer shot to death if it means protecting their right to walk Walmart’s aisles with their handguns ..."

    Provide documentation of a single instance of a WalMart patron accidentally shooting and killing another store patron. In fact document a single serious injury.

    Aside from that silliness, I wasn't aware that property rights are contingent upon the entire public maintaining an absolutely perfect safety record with any given property item. What Constitutional amendment, legislation, or judicial interpretation made that happen?

    1. I think that's a perfectly accurate statement, a bit harsh, but true.

  6. What I wonder is when we decided that it's logical to define a group by the behavior or characteristic of a handful of its members. If I see an albino crow, does that mean that crows are white? If I applied the same "reasoning" to racial groups, you'd call me a racist--and rightly so, if I were to do that.

    You keep trying to characterize a group with millions of members by what less than one percent of that group does. Please do explain how it is that we're the ones who can't reason correctly.

    1. The "handful" is a lot bigger than you like to admit.

    2. You're guessing again, Mikeb. There are six to eight million of us license holders. How many incidents can you demonstrate? Even if it's a thousand per annum, that's far less than one percent. That shows us to be much safer than several other classes of people that I could name.

    3. You're guessing too, Greg. Just because you slap on some numbers like "There are six to eight million of us," doesn't give you any more credibility.

    4. Those are the estimates that I've seen for carry license holders. I suspect that given recent trends, those numbers are the low end. But since you doubt me, look here:

      Good enough? Add in people who carry in states that either don't require a license or that allow open carry without a license, and there's more.

  7. Actually, the Todd Canady didnt drop his gun, he pulled the trigger while it was in his pocket digging for his wallet, shooting his own ass first! LOLs! Just shows the moron aspect of not carrying responsibly. If your going to carry, invest in a proper holster.

    Over 35 years I have carried, always properly, never dropped a gun or accidental discharge. I know many that do with no problems. And on a horse, that can get challanging.

    I am no more safe carrying in public than without. In fact, IF you pull it in a given situation, you are in more danger as you make yourself a target as the focus of the threat is completely on you. You have to choose your battles, so to speak. In those 35 years I have never drawn down on anyone. If you open carry, your already a target, law enforcement included.

    Its amazing how many I see carry out here in the DFW area, yes I see them even concealed. Open carry not allowed. And a lot are women, its the type of purse thats the gives them away.

    1. You sound like a responsible and safe man, TCc.

    2. Texas Colt carryJuly 29, 2012 at 7:31 AM

      Thanks mike, I try real hard to remain so.

  8. No place is safe where guns are, but public bathrooms pose a particularly dangerous and troublesome situation. But don't take my word for it. Take this gun owner's word for it:

    1. No place is safe where guns are? You can't be serious. My home is safe. Police stations typically are safe. My local gun store is safe. Your side uses words in odd ways.

    2. Texas Colt carryJuly 30, 2012 at 5:19 AM

      No place is safe where guns are in the wrong hands.

      There, fixed it for you.

      This is why honest citizens get licensed to carry because they know, I know that there are guns in the wrong hands anywhere you go. Every time you walk into a "WalMart" or just about anywhere for that matter, you are ultimately rubbing elbows with convicted felons and you just dont know it. Recidivism is the number one reason that felons are out and among you and are the number one repeat violators walking around you.

      Want to stay safe? Stay home! Or keep those felons in jail and the murders executed. Then there wont be near the reason for the honest person to carry a gun.

    3. Oregonian, if you read that site, you saw many good solutions to the problem. Those baby changing tables are the best answer.