Wednesday, July 25, 2012

Accidental Shooting of Indiana Dad by his 3-Year-old Son - He's Dead

via Ohh Shoot

33-year-old Michael Bayless, of Martinsville, Indiana was watching television with two of his children when his other child, a three-year-old boy, found a loaded, unlocked .45 caliber handgun nearby.

According to police, "He picked up the gun and it discharged, striking the deceased victim."
Michael was pronounced dead at the scene.

According to a neighbor, "It's a bad tragedy. He was carrying the gun for his personal safety."
The police are still investigating the incident but have called it "a tragic accident and a tragic mistake" of leaving a loaded, unlocked gun within a child's reach.


  1. Old and a duplicate; we posted this at the time it happened. No intelligent comments from the gun nuts acknowledging that this was an avoidable death with fewer guns by people who I'm sure would tell us how safe they were, how in control at all times of their firearms they were.....until they weren't.

    Give this guy his Darwin award; it can go on his tombstone. But hey -- the important thing is that he had a gun for safety; if it didn't work out well, heck this is a small price to pay, right, for the fantasy that guns make people safe and powerful?

    Fiction consistently dominates fact with the gun zombies; they are not rational, fact-based, thinking people.

    1. How about discussing the rationality of your implication that every gun owner is like this man?

    2. I didn't think that was the implication. Maybe you're getting paranoid, Greg.

  2. Greggy, the gun nuts are, indeed, like the now-deceased Mr. Bayless. they refuse to consider any safety legislation whatsoever. In fact, the standard gunloon response to a tragedy is: 'well, there are only x number of accidents out of 845 gazillion guns which means guns are safer than bathtubs.'

    But what you gunloons ignore is that this kid is going to grow up without a dad. And he gets to live with the understanding that he killed his dad.

    1. I came back here because comments are open once again, but Jadegold, do we have to go down the road of petty taunts again? Lay off calling me Greggy, unless you're five.

      Think about how social policy works. We shouldn't base legislation on rare events. This family is suffering, and I feel sorry for them, but as you point out, accidents of all kinds in the home kill people every year. The best policy is to inform all of us of the risks and then let us make choices.

  3. Is it such an imposition for gun owners to be required to take safety classes? Even workers in a nail salon have to get a license. And don't give me the second amendment freedom argument.... it defies common sense.